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Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 2, Informative) 174

Why, exactly, should Uber drivers get to drive passengers using regular non-commercial drivers' insurance?

I once drove some of my daughter's friends home from a birthday party. Should I have had to have a commercial driver's license?

Do remember that, theoretically, Uber/Lyft types aren't doing this full time, but more a matter of "I'm heading out to Walmart, anyone want to come along?".

And yes, I know that theory and practice aren't necessarily the same....

Comment: Re:Oh yay, more about the bullshit clock (Score 1) 189

by CrimsonAvenger (#48898507) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Moved Two Minutes Forward, To 23:57

one country not liking another country and manoeuvring the situation to give them an excuse for local 'peach keeping' annexation.

Peach keeping?? If that was all they wanted, we could have shipped them Georgia's (the State, not the country) entire supply rather than have to deal with a world war....

Comment: Re:not honest (Score 0) 303

by CrimsonAvenger (#48898449) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

This is kind of a dishonest way for the food/chemical industry to try to push an agenda.

The food/chemical industry? This "survey" was done by a University.

Personally, I think they were trying to find out how many of the people answering the important parts of their survey were completely clueless.

Comment: Re:Well (Score 1) 199

by CrimsonAvenger (#48893651) Attached to: China Cuts Off Some VPNs

Interestingly enough, when I used your search terms, I didn't get the results you got.

Three times the rate of HOMICIDES for New York, but about the same for rape and vehicle theft.

Of course, vehicle theft is NOT "violent crime" in the USA.

And the other links shown on the first page of your search don't seem to agree with you that New York had "about 4 times the rate of homicides and other violent crime than London, as of last year"...

Comment: Re:Not a fan (Score 3, Informative) 288

by CrimsonAvenger (#48892683) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes

It seems like inattentive drivers are already breeding at an alarming rate.

Interesting you should say that, since the number of automobile accidents of all kinds has been declining steadily for the last 30 years, at least.

As has the number of fatal accidents.

And all this while the number of vehicles on the road has been increasing.

Comment: Re:One has to wonder (Score 2) 253

by CrimsonAvenger (#48877573) Attached to: IRS Warns of Downtime Risk As Congress Makes Cuts

They can't. The scope of their mission is defined by Congress. They are tasked with carrying out what Congress says. They can't unilaterally say, "We're not going to do what we're told to do."

Interesting theory you have there. So, does that mean that the President can't just ignore Congress and do what he likes about, say, Cuba? There ARE laws in place, after all....

Comment: Re:Who they do not attempt to stay relevant? (Score 2) 144

by CrimsonAvenger (#48874031) Attached to: Doomsday Clock Could Move

There seem to be two prevailing concepts how to progress further:

...followed by population numbers...

Note that the best guesses by the experts say that we MIGHT hit 10 billion before world population declines to lower levels than now. Maybe. We won't hit 15 billion without some dramatic change, like suddenly all the birth-control methods in current use stop working.

Do note that more than half the world is reproducing at lower than replacement rates, including USA, EU, China. Immigration is the only thing propping up US/EU population growth to current levels....

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