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Comment: please don't give up (Score 1) 573

by YodaDaCoda (#46176479) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"
I've been waiting for a plex app for my Panasonic TV for ages. Please don't let Panasonic's stupidity get in the way of you bringing it to market. Also, I'm terribly disappointed in the Slashdot hive today. Talking about the shit that is the beta and ignoring the matter of the post is incredibly rude. Good luck and good speed.

Comment: Non-issue (Score 5, Insightful) 260

by YodaDaCoda (#45359619) Attached to: Google To Block Local Chrome Extensions On Windows Starting In January
I suspect that this is less about blocking YouTube downloaders, and more about blocking those extensions that appear after not un-checking the box on programs downloaded and installed from the internet. I.e. it's more for the protection of grandma who wants to download a pretty solitaire app than it is for stopping little Johnny downloading his music videos of Miley. If you're smart enough to follow a few simple instructions and install a local extension, you're smart enough to follow a few simple instructions and install the Dev channel of Chrome first.

Adobe Releases Its Own HTML5 Video Player 139

Posted by timothy
from the our-very-own-kitchen-sink dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Webmonkey has an interesting tidbit about Adobe's release of its own HTML5 video player: 'Adobe has released an embeddable video player that plays HTML5 native video in browsers that support it, and falls back to Flash in browsers that don't. It's cross-browser and cross-platform, so it works on iPhones, iPads and other devices that don't support Flash. Using Adobe's new player, these devices can show videos in web pages without the Flash plug-in.'"

Asterisk 1.8 Released With Support For Google Voice 83

Posted by timothy
from the undersung-hero dept.
Thinkcloud writes with a note that long-standing open-source VoiP software Asterisk has just been updated, and it's packed with more than 200 enhancements, security updates, and new features — including calendar integration and support for Google Voice and Google Talk. Asterisk's fully-featured PBX includes call waiting, hold and transfer, caller ID, and other useful tools so it's a great option for small businesses that need to watch costs."

Mazda Claims 70 mpg For New Engine, No Hybrid Needed 576

Posted by timothy
from the zooming-along dept.
thecarchik writes "There's no word on when the new version of the Mazda2 will finally reach the US but when it does we can reveal that it will return a fuel economy of 70 mpg — without the aid of any electric motors. This is because the car will feature Mazda's next-generation of drivetrain, body and chassis technologies, dubbed SKYACTIV. The new Mazda 2 will come powered by a SKYACTIV-G engine, Mazda's next-generation direct injection gasoline mill that achieves significantly improved fuel efficiency thanks to a high compression ratio of 14.0:1 (the world's highest for a production gasoline engine)." I wonder if a real-life-real-drivers 70 mpg car is what will actually arrive, or if such promises will dissolve like Chevy's promises about the Volt did.

10 Oddly Useful Specialty Web Browsers 72

Posted by timothy
from the pornovation dept.
snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Peter Wayner looks beyond Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE to uncover 10 alternative browsers that offer specialized advantages for 3-D searching, social networking, easy scriptability, powerful page manipulation, and the like. Each provides a targeted browsing environment, enabling users to browse Web tables into spreadsheets, browse leaner, browser in text, browse socially, browse musically, or browse smarter on the Mac. 'A purist might object that these hybrids are not much different from a standard browser with extra plug-ins. There's some truth to this, but not always — some of the unique capabilities can only be done deep inside the software. In any case, the job of parsing the terms and creating an exact definition of the Web browser isn't as much fun as embracing the idea that there are dozens of alternatives.'"

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