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Comment Re:Yeah, sure (Score 1) 412

No, it is not required. The right to free residence (FTFY, free movement is everything below 3 months) as defined in the "EU freedom of movement and residence" text already include a clause explaining that you cannot move just to take the social benefits. Go to article 15:

2. Member States may require the persons concerned to provide evidence that they have:

(a) stable and regular resources which are sufficient to maintain themselves and the members of their families, without recourse to the social assistance of the Member State concerned. For each of the categories referred to in Article 14(2), Member States shall evaluate these resources by reference to their nature and regularity and may take into account the level of minimum wages and pensions;

(b) sickness insurance covering all risks in the second Member State normally covered for its own nationals in the Member State concerned.

Comment Re:Ah Belgium Politcs (Score 1) 319

I am/was* from the other side (well in fact I'm from the border between the French speaking and the German speaking parts), but I also think going back to a simple unique government/parliament/... I've seen a few days ago a proposal from the NVA to reduce the number of politicians in order to cut spending. Simple solution: change the federal/region/community to a simple unique government/administration. But I don't think it was the idea that they had ;-)

But the belgian organization has one big advantage. It's a fun story to try to describe it to foreigners.

*I've been living outside of Belgium for the last 10 years, but I don't completely rule out the hypothesis to go back. And I'm still Belgian on my passport. I think my opinion should probably not count as much as people living there.

Comment Re:There's no "groundswell" (Score 2) 319

The reactor are not really close to Germany. Well, they are close in absolute distance, but if you look at Belgium scale, not that close. And if wind push radioactive material to Germany, it will pass over Liège (Lüttich/Luik) If they had to chose a place with the less impact in Belgium with dominant winds coming from SW, still on the Meuse, they should have gone on the other side of Liège, like somewhere in Herstal or Visé, close to the Holland border. (they probably had good reasons not to go there, I don't know)

It's difficult to build anything far away from a border in Belgium. But when I look at the map of nuclear reactor in Germany, it's quite similar (at least according to this map ), a lot close to the borders, less in the middle. France also has a similar pattern. (special prize for the Chooz plant)

Comment Re: Ah Belgium Politcs (Score 1) 319

However, Belgium has a super fragmented police force. As shown recently in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, it became clear that they do not understand the structures in their own country. They had less insight than any other country. And it was almost impossible to communicate efficiently with Belgium police forces, as there is no well defined interface.

I was only a teenager at that time, but isn't this almost the same conclusion that after the Dutroux case? Wasn't the police/gendarmerie merging supposed to resolve that? Looks like it fails...

Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 154

Sanders wants to give away money without talking about where he will get it. That's similar to Trump who will construct a wall and makes someone else pay. But if I have to chose between the two possible use of imaginary money, I prefer Sanders' ideas. But isn't promising to spend non existent money the basis of most politicians, nowadays? And I don't know what Sanders would be capable to change (probably not much, as all possible candidates), but seeing republicans fanboy with a devil communist (for them) as president should be fun to see.

Comment Re:He's right (Score 1) 154

I'm living in Sweden (but I'm not Swedish) and I definitively don't support Trump (I don't really see "good" candidates, but he's more at the bottom of the list of the possible one) According to discussion with a few colleagues, they are also not supporting Trump. But it's difficult to know more details, swedes don't really like to talk about politics.

Comment Re:So the plane tells ATC where it is... (Score 1) 96

Just inform all the plane where the ADB-S was that there is a plane not visible by ATC in the area and that they need to take precautions. There is a lot of airspace where no radar information is available, I'm not sure when was the last time a collision occurs in these area. What's your scenario, exactly, if I take into account your previous comment? Someone takes control of a plane, deactivate the ADB-S on purpose, and then tried to take down another plane by colliding with it? Looks good for a hollywood movie.

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