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Comment: Re:Still confused (Score 5, Insightful) 213

by Yoda's Mum (#43894469) Attached to: Apple E-book Price-Fixing Trial Begins

Except that's not what's happening here. It's "I'll sell quantities at a higher price you choose at a fixed margin, but you can't sell via anyone else at a lower price or better margin". That's why it's anti-competitive; the new system they put in place prevents their retail competitors from ever competing on price. To me, that seems entirely unreasonable.

Comment: Re:Consumers need to do some research too ... (Score 4, Informative) 197

by Yoda's Mum (#39983445) Attached to: Apple Gives In, Drops iPad '4G' Tag To Avoid Lawsuits

Why should a consumer need to go to a manufacturer's website to determine what that manufacturer actually means when they print what are otherwise common terms on their packaging and advertising? It's entirely reasonable for a consumer to be able to expect that a feature with a common definition in their locale actually means what they think it does in their locale.

Anyway, Australian consumer protection and advertising standards law is pretty clear in this case. If a company chooses to use advertising that sets a particular expectation of a product's capabilities, it's deemed to be false advertising if the product does not meet that expectation. The definition of those expectations is based on what the language mean in in Australia - where the advertising is being done - and nowhere in Australia does Apple's "4G" mean what they say it does. It's a pretty black and white case as far as I can see.

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by Yoda's Mum (#38779097) Attached to: Google Kills More Services, Open Sources Sky Map

You spend the required money and/or resources to migrate to a new service to support that business process, and in the process end up with better software and/or process than you previously had. No software can or should exist as-is in perpetuity; change and progress is good for all of us.


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dotarray (1747900) writes "In case you still somehow didn’t believe yesterday’s news that Duke Nukem Forever had been given an MA15+ rating in Australia – effectively evading the notoriously strict censors, GamePron now has confirmation that the Duke has not been edited in any way for an Australian release.


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