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United States

Journal: Liberals vs Conservatives

Journal by Ymiris

So I was reading some of the news about E3 and the censorship of video games, some of the comments made by Uma_Thurman I agreed with and decided to see what else this person had to say, to my surprise I run across yet another person who makes it their life mission to put down the opposite party. I do not understand this, as I do not understand people who chose to put down Microsoft at every given opportunity yet will praise Linux or MAC for doing the exact same thing they just bashed Microsoft for.. As I see it, one of the biggest problems we have today is people like Uma_Thurman who instead of working with the other party to resolve our countries problems attack and further separate it. The two parties were created to give insight to two sides of ideas, this can work very well. For instance my SO is a liberal and I consider myself a conservative, yet she is for the death penalty and I am pro-choice, we have very intelligent debates and can usual come to an agreement about most issues. We do not attack each other with unfounded slander or resort to name calling because we actually believe we compliment each other. Maybe we should disband both parties and re-create a unified party?

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