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Submission + - Engineers win laughs, mud stains in sculpture race->

YetAnotherName writes: With tongue planted firmly in cheek, artists joined forces with engineers creating the bizarre amphibious vehicles that took part in the East Coast Championship of the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. Covering 15 miles of pavement, water, sand, and mud, the racers' vehicles won dubious awards for clever engineering, sturdiness, comedic appearance, and judge-bribing. It's not unusual that Tom Jones provided vivid photographs and commentary, as he does yearly.
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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 2008 Kinetic Sculpture Race: Engineering Meets Art->

YetAnotherName writes: "None other than Tom Jones has got the scoop on the 2008 Race of the annual Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race, a challenge where teams combine artistic skill, engineering prowess, personal endurance, and a healthy dose of humor to drive bizarre amphibious contraptions across 21 km (13 mi) of road, mud, and water. Extensive photos detail the winners of various categories — and, of course, the return of perennial team 'Fifi'. Other entrants included team 'Running with Scissors', 'Otter Chaos', and '99% Chimp' (who won the Best Bribes award for bribing the race judges the best, of course)."
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