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Comment: and don't forget rent control (Score 4, Insightful) 937 937

Rent control makes it harder to make money offering an apartment for rent (or at least not as much as you can get by selling it out). So owners are incentivized to take housing off the rental market and sell it instead.

Sure, they try to make that harder too. But the owner can always kick tenants out to move in himself/herself. And so that's what's happening now. Owner kicks out tenants to occupy it. Then they later can sell it.

And they can even AirBNB it while "occupying" it.

Comment: why stream them when you can download them? (Score 1) 86 86

Good question. If there were an answer to it I think the industry would be in a different spot than it is.

It turns out customers greatly prefer streaming music (essentially paying per-play) to buying it. Music downloading is down and streaming is up.

Comment: it's still the labels (Score 1) 260 260

If you pay streaming royalties it behooves you to do some protection of the content so that it really is just streaming, not downloading. If you think it doesn't behoove you, then the content providers will ring up up and change your mind for you.

As to the vendor lock-in, that's separate. And it's Apple's policy it seems. So I just get all my music from Google and Amazon instead. And Spotify I guess. Problem solved. I have to give up AppleTV compatibility but I gain compatibility with my Android devices and (in the case of Google and Amazon) the ability to play music right in a browser.

Comment: the author has no idea of finance (Score 1) 216 216

You cannot lay the $11B lost by the government at GM's feet.

GM underwent a debt-for-equity swap. This happens when the debt holders feel the company would be better off with less debt and if they convert the debt to equity (ownership) they can share in that improvement.

Once the debt-for-equity swap occurs, it is on the shareholder to decide whether to hold to break even (or make money) or to liquidate the equity at a loss. The government decided for political reasons to take the loss. If the government had held longer they would have made money instead of losing it. But does this mean it is GM's fault that the government lost money? No, not any more that it is Apple's fault if you sold their stock before it went up.

Ford also had huge debt and executed a debt-for-equity swap during this period.

Say... if this guy is so against condemning success why is he condemning the Volt? How can he tell others to be above dishing out criticism while banging the drum himself?

Comment: 3.3kW is not right (Score 1) 107 107

While I appreciate the limitations of trying to put a higher powered charger on a car with a small battery like the Volt, you're just plain wrong about the Spark EV.

You may be doing the calculations for overnight home charging. And indeed overnight 3.3kW is fine for a 20kWh battery like in the Spark EV.

But you are selling (leasing) a lot of Spark EVs to people who use and charge the cars at work. These spots are busy charging cars all day and if you have a 3.3kW charger it means your car is perceived as "hogging" the spot because it has to sit there twice as long.

I implore you to put faster chargers on cars which can take them. This will give your cars a better profile among techies. Remember, people are more likely to see and talk about these cars at work than when they are at home hidden in a garage.

And the Spark EV, for example, which can charge at 30+kW using SAE CCS clearly could charge at 6.6kW or more on AC L2 charging too.

Comment: Re:AT&T customer uses $24,298.93 in services (Score 0) 234 234

Just because a journalist wrote about it doesn't mean it took the journalist to get the job done. Journalists love to talk up what they do, especially in these kind of "consumer advocacy" stories because they attract viewership.

For AT&T to bill a person for this much just requires a computer to total up some numbers. For them to collect it requires them to enter into collections. This would involve a review of the bills before it was submitted to collections. To assume that it took a reporter for AT&T to figure out they would do better to waive this bill than collect it is to take quite a leap.

Comment: AT&T customer uses $24,298.93 in services (Score 5, Insightful) 234 234

This isn't an errant bill or anything. The person called long distance that much in two months.

And AT&T waived it after it was pointed out. So why freak out about this?

Finally, I'm really ashamed of slashdot approving an article which refers to an AT&T spokesperson as a "spokeshole" for no reason. Georgia Taylor didn't do anything to deserve that.

Show some maturity, slashdot.

Much of the excitement we get out of our work is that we don't really know what we are doing. -- E. Dijkstra