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Comment Re:Physical media is king (Score 1) 105

I recently was planning to digitize a number of cassette recordings -- radio broadcasts from the early 80's -- and well the horror. Hiss. And these were high quality cassettes.
As with the commercial cassettes easily the worst format in the century of recorded sound -- I think wax cylinders and piano rolls hold up better.

Comment The secret truth...CGI cheaper (Score 2) 232

There are many stories of film crews waiting around all day for that perfect sunset glow. Much easier to hire one guy to fix it in post.
The parent might have mentioned that the Dogme 95 movement was way ahead of the game here and that although I would love to see an Avengers sequel directed by Lars van Trier it ain't never gonna happen.

Comment Re:Private DB of public data? No thanks (Score 2) 31

I had never heard of MusicBrainz (or Discogs) before...I use Wikipedia and Ebay....shy away from Amazon.
The visual aspect of Discogs is a big plus...browsing through a stack of albums is a dead art...and having a marketplace next to reviews and discussion groups seems a good way to find new music (in my case new means old...very very old.)

Comment Star Wars VII: There No Hope (Score 1) 467

This movie sucked, was worse than the prequels and it is shameful that it got made in the first place.
I am surprised critical opinion did not pan it outright. Boy was I fooled.
Star Wars as a franchise though may have some merit. The fans have more imagination than the makers.
Please go on being a true believer if it makes you happy.

Comment Re:Three part cancer risk (Score 1) 54

Remember it's only mutations to the germline (eggs and sperm) that propagate so the developmental buildup of damage is comparatively silent in an evolutionary sense unless it stops you from passing on your genes. Cancer sucks, in the modern world the old folks can still contribute but the alarm clock for the reaper was set during the stone age.

Comment Three part cancer risk (Score 5, Informative) 54

I work in the Cancer field here's my take home take.
The Individual probability for Cancer risk is in three parts.
1/3 Genetics: Beyond your control, a complex interplay of genes can lead to cancer.
1/3: Environment: Within your control there is a known influence of diet, chemicals, radiation, pollution etc. Lifestyle in other words can impact this component.
1/3 Random Chance: Billions of cell divisions occur to in our lives. The protein machinery that makes this happen has incredible fidelity but mistakes inevitably occur and this DNA damage can cause cancer, usually later in life. There is no lifestyle choice that an individual can make to prevent this damage from occurring. I would also lump into random chance the random inflammatory insults that occur over a lifetime -- a cold at a young age that damaged a subset of lung tissue that mutated the p53 gene giving rise to etc.
The linked paper/story reveals a raging controversy between constituencies for each part of the cancer risk pie. The losers are the patients/public who are misled by either an indifference to risk aversion or a single minded overestimate of the benefits of lifestyle. Its all three.

Comment 43 years that's nothing (Score 4, Interesting) 189

Space exploration is for the patient. Science fiction is for phonies.
The popular science fiction (always endemic on this board) with its fantasy physics always ignores immense distances, energies, time, politics and money.
Most importantly money.
During the last 43 years we have probed the entire solar system and are currently roving the sands of Mars as we peck away at our keyboards at a safe distance and for costs that do not over burden society. Space exploration is a constant source of scientific achievement and with advanced directives and equipment (Kepler, Webb) we are going to explore the galaxy in the comfort of our sofas without breaking the bank
Because that's the trick, our robotics can pave the way for us because Space is a harsh place.
Now the next step, and it could take 50 years, is the when we land a lathe and a robot to operate it on the Moon. Soon after there will be an image of a dome and behind it the earth and in the dome there will be a bunch of green leafy things curling up from the lunar soil to reach for the sun. And then things will probably go a lot faster.

Comment Robots have all the fun (Score 1) 21

This dovetails on an idea I've wondered good are the rovers from Apollo 15 16 and 17? Maybe the killer app for this humanoid is to land her by the 70s vintage cars we left there with some spare rechargeable batteries, a set of tools and a portable solar array. Have Valkyrie fire up the juice on the drive train and then set off with the goal to make tracks across the entire lunar equator. I guess the question is, did we leave the keys in the ignition?

Comment Re:Define "Get There" (Score 5, Funny) 239

In the great days of the asteroid rush of 2027 one Barnibus T. Musk sent an armada of flea sized landers to claim the entirety of the asteroid belt due to a misguided loophole in the 2015 law which valued touchdown as more significant than developing the celestial objects. The great asteroid licensing rush of 2040 led to the eventual construction of the first space elevator consisting of legal briefs that reached to the leavens...

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