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Comment: Could the submission be any more bitchy? (Score 1) 32

by Yeknomaguh (#37849362) Attached to: Samsung's Solar-Powered Internet School
Putting responsible in quotes, complaining that other companies aren't doing the same thing, and complaining that they're only doing it Africa. Next submission "Cure for AIDS discovered" - "Well, its not like they cured cancer, and I'm sure the drugs will cost a lot." Go die in a fire, you're holding the rest of us back.

Comment: Re:Eating your own dog food. (Score 1) 204

by Yeknomaguh (#37737054) Attached to: Verizon Wireless Changes Privacy Policy
Except this isn't how business works at all. Went more like this: CEO: "To fulfill our fiduciary duty to our stockholders, we need to increase our profitability in all sectors including advertising ventures" VP: "We can make more money by selling more user information to advertisers" CEO: "Don't bore me with the details. Make it so."

Comment: Re:Immoral Dilemma (Score 2) 348

by Yeknomaguh (#37449388) Attached to: PETA To Launch Pornography Website
Who says that all porn stars are coerced? Who says that even MOST porn stars are coerced? A female friend I have has done a number of porn videos. She makes really good money and she absolutely loves her work, and her agent makes sure she's never in an uncomfortable position (har har) and she always has the right to walk away from any shoot, which she has done. She has no misconceptions about what she is doing and is not ashamed by it whatsoever. If you asked me to name my strongest willed friend, she'd probably be it. Nobody is going to coerce her in to doing anything. Porn can be legitimate work. In fact, it usually is.

Comment: Re:Dear "Anonymous": I'd like to ask U a question (Score 1) 117

by Yeknomaguh (#36414392) Attached to: Anonymous Takes Down Turkish Government Site
This is completely different than filtering malware sites and the like. You would do well to read up on the problem in Turkey before posting. The Turkish government has lately been censoring the crap out of any journalist who speaks poorly of it. This blanket censorship has widely been seen as the next step of censoring the masses. This might help educate you a bit:

Comment: Re:Doesn't look as big as the sun itself to me (Score 1) 202

by Yeknomaguh (#36373220) Attached to: Massive Explosion On the Sun
Your answer lies in the name of the event: "AIA 171 (2011-06-07 05:30:00 - 2011-06-07 08:29:48 UTC)" According to that, we're looking at about 3 hours of footage. Given that the explosion doesn't happen until about a third of the way through, you can guestimate that the whole thing took about 2 hours to happen and settle back down.

Comment: No one is forcing you to use Groupon (Score 1) 209

by Yeknomaguh (#36063074) Attached to: Groupon Deal Costs Photographer a Year's Free Work
Ok, if you think using Groupon is unprofitable, don't use it! Also, I'd like to point out that the author of the blog is in the same industry in the same area, so to me this seems like someone seeing the success of one of his competitors and trying to dissuade other competitors from achieving success in the same way by offering "friendly advice."

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