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Comment: Re:Read the license? (Score 1) 190

by Yehram Wykah (#31745804) Attached to: Print-On-Demand Publisher VDM Infects Amazon

My assumption is that you're male. Unfortunately for you, that means I'm not interested in this "little love declaration".

Doh, it was just some awkward metaphor :) Although I have to say, while just being a beasty seven digits, I do find you nice six digits quite cute. I find the slightly "off" feeling emanating from you to be, mmmm... very attracting. Yeah.

Ok now, just to be brief, you recently talked about a "dispassionate, intellectually honest inquirer", and having read a few of your other messages, you do seem to be quite rational, at least on some common subjects (I can test you, through very detrimental gory (textual, although horrendously pictorial) extremes, if you accept it). If you have some strong desire to discuss society and its future, in a very rational manner, I would be very glad to procrastinate quite a bit with you by email (the "" part of the address is correct, BTW, it was just some temporary email address I had).

I can do it alone, though, so don't you worry too much about me.

I think of you,

Comment: Re:Read the license? (Score 1) 190

by Yehram Wykah (#31722698) Attached to: Print-On-Demand Publisher VDM Infects Amazon

I do not exaggerate in the slightest when I say that if critical thinking became a common skill, it would radically change our society for the better.

And rapidly for the best. Competence and contentment is much more actively communicative than prejudices, taboos, ignorances, errors, and badly managed fears.

We only just have now to discover how to get to this so atrociously novel situation.

I like you, you know.

It seems however this website does not support personal messages, so I cannot send you my little love declaration more privately just now.

Do you mind sending an email to ATTY ymail DOTTY com, for me to reply?

"If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?" -- Lily Tomlin