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Obama Staffers Followed Palin's Email Lead On Inauguration Day 407

Posted by timothy
from the why-mess-with-success dept.
theodp writes "Using Yahoo's free e-mail service to conduct government business was good enough for Sarah Palin. And now the Washington Times reports that Obama staffers turned to Gmail on Inauguration Day to conduct their business. Those wishing to contact members of the incoming Obama administration were instructed to contact staffers at wh.LASTNAME@gmail.com until official White House e-mail addresses became available."

Comment: Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 184

by Ye_Gads (#26559051) Attached to: Microsoft Donates Code To Apache's "Stonehenge" Project

I refuse to take the "karma" approach to companies, and will praise MS on their good actions and complain about their bad actions. I will not complain about their good actions because I am still sore from their bad ones...

Sorry, you sound like an abused wife refusing to press charges against hubby after a beating..."but he's good with the kids and he earns decent money".

To me you can't separate one from the other.

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