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Comment: Re:please, Lord, make it stop! (Score 1) 138

by YaroMan86 (#23269588) Attached to: Darl McBride Takes the Stand In Novell v. SCO
My only regret is this trial is only four days long!

Its entertaining watching Darl McBride perjure himself and SCO fail to make evan a defensive case after the fact they lost.

I think we can all see Novell getting money, but the dance for the money is going to be awfully fun, watching SCO's talentless lawyers trying to convince the judge that when they said red, they meant blue.

Journal: Bill Before Congress May Steal Your Work

Journal by YaroMan86
I just recieved word this morning that the morons in congress are attempting to pass this little crime against copyright freedom. It may not apply to software... yet. What it does apply to is original artworks by independent artists. Basically saying those that freely release their art or don't register their copyrights suddenly lose the copyright to their own hard work. This favors corporations far t

Microfluidic Chips Made With Shrinky Dinks 149

Posted by kdawson
from the improvising-science dept.
SoyChemist writes "When she started her job as a new professor at UC Merced, Michelle Khine was stuck without a clean room or semiconductor fabrication equipment, so she went MacGyver and started making Lab-on-a-Chip devices in her kitchen with Shrinky Dinks, a laser printer, and a toaster oven. She would print a negative image of the channels onto the polystyrene sheets and then shrink them with heat. The miniaturized pattern served as a perfect mold for forming rounded, narrow channels in PDMS — a clear, synthetic rubber."

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