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Comment: Re:Dammit, Europe! (Score 1) 219

by Yaotzin (#48845375) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

The US backstops their flaws with its own nuclear arsenal. If France gets nuked then we'll nuke whomever nuked France. That is actually what protects France. Not Frances nukes unless they have them on such submarines. Correct me if I am wrong, I don't think they've bothered with them.

France and Britain each have 4 ballistic missile subs. Each sub can carry 16 M45/51 (French) or Trident II (UK) missiles, capable of reaching pretty much anywhere on earth.

Comment: Re:How is this good? (Score 1) 172

by Yaotzin (#48513443) Attached to: Study: HIV Becoming Less Deadly, Less Infectious

As far as I know, that is more or less correct. Incubation time for ebola is 2-21 days during which you are not infectious. After that (appearance of symptoms) the risk of infection is manifested and remains an issue for as long as the virus is present in bodily fluids. Men can remain infectious for about 7 weeks as the seminal fluid acts as a reservoir for the virus. In summary, if John Smith hasn't had any symptoms there is no risk but I wouldn't associate too closely with him for a month or three if he has, even if there are no symptoms presently.

Comment: Re:So, they will become coal-free? (Score 1) 332

by Yaotzin (#48277595) Attached to: Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

Well... Last time I was in Brisbane, during December, I noticed how every store, mall and food court in the shopping area had AC on AND the outer doors wide open.

Let's clap it: That. Is. Stupid!

I was told that it was considered a bad custom to shut the outer doors - it might scare customers away when a door is closed.

I agree that it is a pretty stupid practice, but from a geocultural point of view it is understandable. I live in Sweden where it is too cold to keep the doors open 8 months of the year. Restaurants and grocery stores generally have their open hours printed on the doors in large text, and most other stores are generally open from 10-19. One way to go could be a commerce agreement to keep doors closed. If every store starts doing it at the same time, they won't have to worry about losing customers and they will save money on electricity. I realise such things are easier said than done, though.

Comment: Re:Of course we can (Score 2) 140

by Yaotzin (#47901399) Attached to: If We Can't Kill Cancer, Can We Control It?

Think about it: If a company finds a cure for all cancers (emphasis on the plural form, cancer is not just one disease) they could demand any price at all and people would pay it. "Let's discuss payment plans." The inventors would receive hero status and could retire rich as kings of old. You don't think this would sound appealing to the people allegedly sitting on this cure-all?

Comment: Re:Correlation Does Not Imply Causation (Score 2) 281

by Yaotzin (#47755309) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

She doesn't even have to exercise, just eat less. A 30 minute walk every day is enough and most people can manage that, even if they're overweight. My mother lost a lot of weight without a gym card or going jogging, just by reducing her calorie intake. [/personal anecdote] Some people swear by LCHF and such and maybe that works, but the safest bet IMHO is simply to do a food study (write down everything you eat for a month) and then cut down. Nonetheless, it requires a serious conviction and if a medical professional can't convince her, then who will?

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