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Comment: Re:In short? (Score 1) 195 195

I take public transit from San Jose to Palo Alto because I don't have a car and, if I did, I don't want to drive through the 280/85 interchange. My commute is an hour each way. I start work at 7:00AM and go home at 3:30PM, bypassing much of the traffic nastiness. The commute into work is reliable. The commute home can be unpredictable at times due to traffic at the 280/85 interchange. The $140 per month on an express pass is well worth the money for me.

Comment: Re:When they get rude (Score 1) 129 129

When people hear that I can program apps I often get hassled by someone who of course has the next multi million dollar idea.

Whenever someone finds out that I'm a writer, they ask why I haven't written a screenplay and make an easy $50,000 per screenplay. First, it's not that easy to write a screenplay. Second, I don't have connections with Hollywood because I don't live there. Third, I'm not interested in competing with every failed actor or actress who write screenplays when they're not working at the local dinner. No one is happy with that answer.

Comment: Re:Ideas without understanding (Score 1) 129 129

In the non-cyber world: would a car designer without automotive engineering get anywhere?

I had a roommate who studied automotive design on the West Coast because he loved cars. Four years of college and $25,000 in student debt later, his regular job was logistics in a warehouse. I'm surprised no one told him that an automotive designer was overqualified to work in a warehouse.

Comment: Re:still ruined the best years of his life (Score 2) 27 27

I once worked at a video game company that tried to impose a broad intellectual property agreement on the testers. If I want home to create a video game, write a novel or do anything creative, it would become company property. The attorneys wanted a list of any prior patents and/or copyrights to claim that as company property. That created an uproar and no one signed the new IP agreement. HR backed down and restored the previous generic IP agreement that covered ideas during business hours.

Comment: Re:still ruined the best years of his life (Score 3, Interesting) 27 27

You need to read "Flash Boys" by Michael Lewis to get the full story. The programmer made routine backups of the modifications he made to open source files for release back into the community. Something that Goldman Sach wasn't doing because they were routinely stripping out the GPL license headers and claiming ALL CODE as proprietary. They called the FBI on this guy to prevent him from working for someone else.

Comment: Re:Outside help (Score 1) 383 383

Sorry, the helping out relatives story is not in the interest of Greece.

Unless, of course, your wife loves the money you send back and doesn't want you to come home.

I had roommate's brother who came from the Philippines to do electronic assembly work in Silicon Valley. He hated the job but his wife didn't want him to come home. After a few years, he quit, returned home and got divorced. His wife spent every dime he ever made in the U.S.

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