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Comment: Re:how useful is DHT? (Score 1) 87

by YU Nicks NE Way (#22361592) Attached to: Zvents Releases Open Source Cluster Database Based on Google
In my thirty-plus years in the industry, I have seen a disk drive which could support transactional storage. The notion that you're going to write data in a manner which is more reliable than the underlying store is laughable. Even if you check the integrity of the underlying record, how do you know that your integrity check actually tested against the data you'll return next time? You don't; all you know is that the odds that you get back something else are negligibly small -- not zero, but low enough that you can neglect them, just like the word says.

ACID and transactional reliability are useful features of a system, but they are not magic pixie dust which prevents data loss or corruption, and they are not the only way to minimize data loss and corruption. It may be, for instance, that you'll get better reliability out of your system through simple replication -- which has the automatic advantage of making your data easy to geo-replicate.

FTC Approves Google-DoubleClick Deal 56

Posted by kdawson
from the one-ad-server-to-rule-them-all dept.
Bogie Lowenstein is one of many readers letting us know that the FTC has approved Google's acquisition of DoubleClick in a 4-to-1 vote. The FTC essentially blew off the privacy concerns about the merger, saying it lacked the legal authority to block the deal on any grounds except antitrust. The EU's review of the deal is still going forward, with a decision due by April 2, 2008; the privacy sensibility there is more sharply focused.

Stretching Crystals Promise Bendy, Full-Color Displays 117

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the less-eye-stress dept.
NewScientist is reporting that a new approach to crystal formation could help create power-efficient, flexible color displays. These new photonic crystals, structured similar to opals, can be tuned by adjusting the gaps between the crystals. "The beauty of the device is that it can produce the whole spectrum of colors, even ultraviolet and infrared light, using only incident light. As a result, the expensive color filters used in every other color display on the market today, are no longer needed. And because the displays use only reflected ambient light, no power is wasted on back-lighting, as in today's mobile phones, for example. 'They can be viewed just as well in bright sunlight as in indoor light,' team member André Arsenault of the University of Toronto told New Scientist."

Fleischmann to Work on Commercial Fusion Heater 245

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the household-fusion dept.
deeptrace writes "California company D2Fusion has announced they are hiring Dr. Martin Fleischmann (of 'Pons and Fleischmann' fame). The company belives that they can produce a commercial fusion based home heating prototype within a year. They are also looking at other applications, such as using it as a heat source for a commercially available Stirling electrical generator."

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