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Comment: Idiotic (Score 0) 417

by Y2K is bogus (#49313797) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

I know a Walnut grower and an Almond grower, this whole concept is a load of shite!

You can't just whimsically decide not to grow Walnuts or Almonds because water has been tight for 4 years, these orchards take 20+ years to become fully mature.

The idea that Almond or Walnut growers are choosing those nuts like you choose a different colored filament for a 3D printer is ludicrous.

The other problem with this notion is that they want to yet again increase the price of water, what California needs to do is stop giving all their damn water to the cities and return it to the farmers. California had plenty of water before the cities got overgrown and portly.

Stop making a bunch of useless new legislation, stop growth in big cities, encourage farming, and stop stepping on individual rights!

(A former Californian who can't stand how the state has become)

Comment: Clearly the cloud is nebulous! (Score 1) 409

by Y2K is bogus (#47012235) Attached to: Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

Surely you should switch to the cloud, because the cloud is nebulous! In the cloud there are no servers!

Oh, wait, umm, yeah, uhh, in the cloud all your stuff runs on servers.

Yeah, some companies call a XEN virtual machine on a box with 15 other virtual machines a "cloud" server.

Umm, does your "cloud" support online migration from one server to another server?

Does your cloud provide deterministic performance? Oh, wait, what's that you say?

Comment: Let's be clear what this actually is, NOT OpenSSL (Score 1) 379

by Y2K is bogus (#46801269) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week

This is NOT OpenSSL they are working on, this is a private fork of OpenSSL that is intended for OpenBSD only.

They are taking big hatchets to interoperability code to simplify it, with the sole intent of targeting it at OpenBSD.

This is the walled garden approach to improving the software, only OpenBSD will have the *new* OpenSSL and it will be a non-compatible fork of the old OpenSSL.

I understand their personal motivations, but everyone has to understand that this does not make the OpenSSL ecosystem safer, it only makes the OpenBSD specific port of OpenSSL safer. The rest of the world will still be subject to any vulnerabilities and shortcomings in the code, because they are not intent on contributing this code back to OpenSSL.

That said, someone will have to further backport these changes into the baseline OpenSSL, eliminating all of the commits that remove interoperability.

Comment: Re:oracle and aquisitions (Score 3, Informative) 223

by Y2K is bogus (#45948589) Attached to: James Gosling Grades Oracle's Handling of Sun's Tech

This comment, and the other 3 that replied to it before me, show a huge lack of knowledge or care. Oracle isn't very transparent, but it only takes a small amount of effort to see that neither MySQL or VirtualBox are in danger of perishing. There are many people who left Oracle/Sun/MySQL for Percona and MariaDB/SkySQL, but most of those people left for their own reasons and *many* left before and Sun or Oracle influence was upon them.

I get to see it from the inside, and MySQL is growing and has more market share than either of the other competitors. The newest developments are really spectacular improvements. I get to see the walled garden from the inside, and it's anything but dying, it is in better shape as a product than it has ever been. Oracle is anything but stupid and doesn't have a track record of making stupid decisions with their products, which can't be said for some companies. Oracle is putting a lot of resources into MySQL to make it even better.

VirtualBox is a fairly decent team and they are not just working on VirtualBox, there is a reason it continues to be developed and the technology doesn't have a dead end to it.

I think that most of the comments I've read are uneducated and purely people spouting off uninformed opinions mixed with conjecture and hyperbole. The people I work with are the brightest group of people I've ever had the privilege of working with, there are some really notable folks that work on MySQL and you wouldn't know it unless you paid attention to the blogosphere.

Comment: Atmosphere (Score 1) 117

by Y2K is bogus (#44450805) Attached to: Turning Santa Cruz Into a Haven For Hackers, Makers & Startups

The Santa Cruz atmosphere is certainly unique, it gives many people the heebie jeebies.

On any given Wednesday (farmers market) you will be bombarded by a litany of drug addled homeless people looking to score some food, cash, or drugs. It is a terrible blight on Santa Cruz and leaves a bad taste in the mouths of those who get out of SC. The streets are dirty, foul odors emanate from the alleys that act as both throughways for local workers and garbage repositories for the restaurants.

Another significant problem with SC is parking, the City owns almost all of it because the zoning allowed builders to do whatever they want, and the City supports the parking load for them. In other parts of the City you must have a given number of parking spaces for a given square footage, it's a zoning requirement, but not in the heart (downtown). So parking is totally jacked up and costs a fortune. If you're lucky, thieves won't target your vehicle. There is only 1 city owned lot that is free to park in anymore, they just added gates to the 3 story garage on Front and River streets.

When strolling down the sidewalks, commuting between the parking lots and work, you may be asked for a handout or assaulted by someone else's secondhand smoke. The City doesn't enforce it's own outside smoking ban, much less enforce the Medical Marijuana statutes, which leaves the rest of us to hold our breath while the dope head in front of us is toking on a pipe.

I have worked in downtown SC on 3 different occasions, and all 3 have left me with the same opinion: it's a dirty and does not convey the clean and inviting atmosphere that businesses -- and their employees -- expect. The sooner I can GTFO, the better.

Comment: Redneck Interwebs (Score 1) 128

Their argument is stupid and pointless.

There are plenty of people who only enjoy watching honey booboo that have the interwebs, unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer the side effects of stupid management.

I'm really baffled how shows like 24 stay on the air for years, and shows like The Agency, Jericho, and Terra Nova get canceled?

I'm sick of the real catty housewives of the next urban location. I'm tired of Dodgy the bountiful hunter, and every lame "re-enacted" reality shows like Operacion Repo.

Funny thing, one of the biggest offenders was called "Real TV", but there was too much reality and they went to "truTV".

Reality happens in real life, there isn't anything "real" on TV, it's either streamed with factual errors and no supporting information, "produced", or "re-enacted", nobody show "reality" because it wouldn't be salacious or dramatic enough.

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