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Submission + - Quantum Cryptography makes first wireless link

QuantumCrypto writes: "In quantum cryptography, using a stream of single photon to transmit message is considered to be the gold standard, as there is no way to intercept the message without alerting the messenger. A team of European physicists has just done that. They have successfully transmitted a secure quantum 'key' between two of the Canary Islands, opening the possibility of long-distance, wireless quantum cryptography. The bandwidth was a "blazing" 2.37 bits per second."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Looking inside the Second Life data centers

An anonymous reader writes: InformationWeek looks inside the data centers that power the game Second Life. Tidbits from the article: The software architecture is an extension of the virtual world metaphor of Second Life. At any time, it's possible to walk into one of Second Life's two data centers, pat one of the rack-mounted servers, and say that particular server is running virtual New York, or San Francisco, or ancient Rome, and imagine itty-bitty people and buildings inside the 1U rack-mounted servers. Linden Lab, which develops and maintains Second Life, runs 2,000 Intel- and AMD-based servers in two co-location facilities in San Francisco and Dallas. And, contrary to widespread belief among Second Life users, Linden Lab has not decided whether to open-source the Second Life server software.

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