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Comment Energy (Score 2) 359

You have been working for the freedom of software users for at least some thirty odd years now. Do you think that (maybe because of your work) that freedom has improved, or that it has stayed the same or has deteriorated? To me it seems to have deteriorated and I am wondering where you get the energy to keep on fighting.

Comment Re: Name one original thing that Elon Musk has don (Score 1) 266

"not even an improvement over an old invention."

Right. Because the Macintosh was exactly like the Xerox Star, right down to the three-button Mouse and Smalltalk commands. Which Jobs licensed for a very agreeable amount - and he then directed the improvements that led to the popular GUI-driven personal computer.

The iMac - a minimalist, low-cost, laptop-derived machine with a CRT that was extremely easy to set up and which was design-forward - good-looking enough to put it in the center of your living area and not hide under a desk. Yeah, that was totally already done.

I wonder sometimes if Slashdot has gotten any better, then I come over and read stuff like this in the 'discussion' and realize it's just the same old, same old.

Comment Re:Flip Argument (Score 4, Insightful) 1128

I submit to you that you do not know what happened. Don't feel bad- very few people outside of the 12 members of the Grand Jury have heard all of known facts of the case. I certainly don't know what happened.

But please keep this in mind. Things that you accept as fact are not really facts. Case in point: your assumption that Brown had surrendered. Some of the sworn testimony that was released tonight following the prosecutor's press conference indicates that Brown had not surrendered, and in fact was charging the police officer "like a football player" with his head down and fists clenched. And at the same time, as the prosecutor detailed in his press conference, much of the early eye witness accounts that indicated that Brown had surrendered did not hold up under further scrutiny.

As I said, I don't know what happened, but I think this is enough to move the narrative that Brown had surrendered out of the "fact" category.

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