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Comment: Big deal (Score 1) 345

by XxtraLarGe (#48664429) Attached to: Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy
I stopped being a purist about such things long ago. I found it helped me to enjoy movies as their own story, loosely based on the book. I started watching GoT and made the conscious decision to stay one book behind the series, which has made a huge difference. I find I'm able to enjoy the show and appreciate the additional details and plot point differences in the books.

Same with comic book movies. Of course, comics have so many different origin story lines, it might be easier. When it comes to Star Wars however, I am an original trilogy theatrical release purist. Han shot first!

Comment: Re:Can this be disabled? (Score 2) 112

by XxtraLarGe (#48660531) Attached to: Apple Pushes First Automated OS X Security Update

How many times have we seen people who set their updates to Automatic in a Windows environment get in trouble when an update mangles their system? I know people who say, "I always get every update as soon as they come out" then bitch when an update did something to their system.

Can this auto-update be turned off or changed to manual?

Yes, but the system is opt-in, not opt-out. I always wait for a few days before updating, just to see if there are any problems reported. This helped me to miss out on some doozies. Thankfully, I saw the report on the latest Microsoft update before running it on my work machine.

Comment: Re:Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 1) 718

by XxtraLarGe (#48634557) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'

Proper skepticism promotes scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims. It is foundational to the scientific method. Denial, on the other hand, is the a priori rejection of ideas without objective consideration.

That's funny. The first definition on Google states "a person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.", which seems to be a good fit for those who are denying global warming. If anything, it seems as though the Fellows of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry should call themselves something different.

Comment: Re:How long things take.. (Score 1) 222

by XxtraLarGe (#48633261) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

...she maybe was a useful engineer at Google...

What makes you think that?

What makes you think she wasn't? She went to Stanford, which isn't exactly a school for chumps, so she probably has a pretty good head on her shoulders. However, being a good engineer does not necessarily equate to being a good CEO. If nothing else, she's useful as a PR piece in these days of "girls in STEM".

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Comment: Re:Out with the old... or not? (Score 1) 295

by XxtraLarGe (#48602197) Attached to: French Cabbies Say They'll Block Paris Roads On Monday Over Uber

Gee, lets do the same with everything. No government regulation for anything. After all, you can choose what is an acceptable risk. So what if you didn't know that Uber drivers aren't properly insured? Why not unregulated food manufacturers who can sell you bacteria-laced meat? Why not unregulated cars that are unsafe at any speed?

Yes, food & automobile manufacturers have a strong incentive to kill their customers. It's good for long-term profits.

Why not unregulated medicines that are as likely to kill as to cure?

Vioxx was FDA approved, and killed 60,000 people. Meanwhile, effective drugs are unnecessarily kept off of the market by the FDA, like Provenge. And those are only 2 examples.

And unregulated banks that can take your money and run?

Or the regulated banks that can do that legally.

Hey, go all the way - allow the issuing of unregulated currencies

Why not? The Fed has done such a bang-up job.

the use of non-credentialed teachers from the local state pen, and everything else?

Yes, credentialed pedophiles that the teachers' union support are much better.

The fact is that regulations are supposed to ensure that the consumer doesn't have to spend hours investigation who is and who isn't competent themselves, as well as provide a feedback mechanism when the regulations are broken.

There are a boatload of ways to find out about what products are good and which businesses provide competent employees, such as the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, Underwriters Laboratory, as well as review web sites, etc. I'm not saying unregulated markets would be perfect, but I believe that they would by and large be a better solution than the current regulatory morass we have in this country.

Comment: Re:Fake (Score 1) 880

by XxtraLarGe (#48599935) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

The "terrorists are cowards" meme is absurd. Whatever their misguided reasons, someone who is prepared to risk death or lengthy imprisonment for a cause is not a physical coward.

It's absurd from the sense that the terrorist that is carrying out the attack is not a coward, however the terrorist leaders that order them to go out and carry out the attacks tend to be cowered away in safety.

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