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Comment: Re:So corporatism merging with government. (Score 2, Funny) 54 54

Hold it when corporations merge with government it's fascism
When government merges with corporations it's socialism

Good to have that cleared up, I have never been clear on the difference.

Think of it as right-totalitarianism vs. left-totalitarianism. One's mostly concerned with your bedroom activities, and the other's concerned about your bankbook. The problem is your bankbook can impact your bedroom activities, or vice versa, so eventually fascism/socialism have to regulate those activities as well. Hence the cause for your confusion. The difference is probably more easily explained using cows.

Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 439 439

That's pretty much everyone's procedure, so Reddit's job is to make sure doesn't become "one of those sites" for a sufficiently large group of people.

You can easily avoid a lot of the offensive stuff on Reddit by not visiting those subreddits Maybe a more sane alternative would be to allow people to filter out subreddits they don't like. Maybe this is in place already, but I don't know. Reddit has too high of a noise to signal ratio for my taste, so when I do check it out, I don't even bother signing in any more.

Comment: Re:Sad (Score 1) 439 439

Reddit may eventually have to decide if they're an actual business that's supposed to make money or a hip BBS. The two identities are sorta in tension and I'm not sure it's resolvable.

Well, you're not going to make money if you continue to arbitrarily ban things that you find offensive or someone else might find offensive. There are things on the internet I don't like. I just don't go to those sites. I don't demand that they take those sites down. Aside from that, I don't know how a BBS makes money these days with ad block, etc, unless they're selling user info, which would probably go over huge with the reddit crowd.

Comment:'s the LAW! (Score 1) 400 400

Don't forget unintended consequences. Jimmy loves to hunt, so he is afraid to see a shrink lest the cops show up to grab his guns. So, he never gets any help. Is this really an improvement?

But if Jimmy goes on a shooting spree, then it gives the gun banners more ammo (pun intended). One thing you'll notice is that in most instances where there's been a mass shooting, the proposed remedy for gun control would not have prevented the mass shooting from happening in the first place.

Comment: As others have said, range & cost (Score 1) 662 662

I just drove 1000 miles over the past 3 days. Yesterday was 500 miles hauling a 3000 lb. camper. There is currently no electric vehicle available to do that. Plus, I commute 45 miles to and from work each day. What do I do if there's a power outage at my home, but no problems where I work (It's happened before), and my car isn't charged up enough? I can't even telecommute if that's the case, and none of my friends or coworkers live close by so that I could hitch a ride with them. There's too many issues that come up like that which most people haven't even considered. Let them be curiosities for the rich until somebody figures out how to address these problems.

Comment: Doodads and Gewgaws (Score 1) 266 266

I've been testing out a da Vinci 1.0 AiO. The results haven't been very impressive. Over half the time the PLA filament doesn't stick to the bed, resulting in a blob of plastic just sticking to the extruder. The 3D scanner is just about useless. I haven't had a scan work even close to accurate yet. Anything with black scans as negative space. Pretty much the only things you can scan with any degree of success are small, white geometric objects with a matte finish.

Today I'm testing out a Cube Pro 3D printer, and expecting much better results. We'll be using our printers for student projects in arts & sciences.

Comment: Re:Zero respect for SCOTUS (Score 2) 1083 1083

In their opinion on gay marriage, Roberts issues a dissenting opinion with the following quote:

Under the Constitution, judges have power to say what the law is, not what it should be.

The internal inconsistencies of the SCOTUS are appalling.

The only power the SCOTUS should have is to determine if a law violates the Constitution. If it does, it should be struck down, if it doesn't, it should stand.

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