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Comment: Re:What exactly is a "death camp"? (Score 1) 96 96

Not really relevant. "Playing the game" is going to a place of historical significance. The gameplay is a few buttons to "hack the portal". The actual point is that you are somewhere of interest, such as a museum. Given that memorials open to the public are unquestionably of historic interest, this is interesting.

Obviously they deleted them to avoid the bad press, but this sort of thing is sort of the point of Ingress- the places you go are ideally educational, beautiful, interesting, something. If you go to a portal at a museum, you spend a bunch of time travelling, several seconds pressing buttons on your phone, and then your day is "I went to the museum".

Comment: Re:Denialist (Score 1) 96 96

Again from Wikipedia: Ingress portals are placed at:
"The gameplay consists of establishing "portals" at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc."

So yes, it sort of IS the university of human learning, if that means that almost every interesting place you might go to has portals all up in it. If you go to a portal, the game says, here's some stuff, but because you physically WENT there, the point is that you are somewhere of interest, such as a museum. It's not "just a stupid game", it's a stupid game with an excuse to go be somewhere interesting.

Comment: Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 2) 96 96

They didn't really "do" it, they just missed what it was when they approved it. And it should be pointed out that the whole point of locations is that they be basically what the death camps are today- aka, public places, museums, etc. It's entirely possible that they were not added to troll, but simply on the idea of "hey, people are around here to learn, lets put a portal here because it is interesting for the players who come here".

Again- Ingress portals are placed in historical and public areas.

"The gameplay consists of establishing "portals" at places of cultural significance, such as public art, landmarks, monuments, etc."

Comment: Re:Volkswagen Factory Worker Killed By a Manager (Score 1) 283 283

And (wink wink nudge nudge) we're losing a lot of money with this machine out of commission, you wouldn't want us to lose a bunch of money would you?

Unlikely in Germany. As has been noted elsewhere, they tend to be obsessive rule followers.

That being said, disregard of such could be part of what's helping it to national and world news. Because it's so unusual.

Comment: Re:Price is a second order function (Score 1) 284 284

Load up a bunch on a truck and then use smaller vehicles to transport them out to the various sites. If they were built at different sizes, perhaps for a size for an EV freight-hauling vehicle, then those would likely be larger generators and maybe could handle powering a small store, a nursing home, etc... That might be a good bonus.

If you're 'loading them up on a trailer' to take to an emergency site, you're better off just taking cage-style generators. The stores, nursing homes, and such should already have them. It's one of the reasons I'm against anti-gouging laws. If a store spends the money to have generation systems so it can stay in business even with the power outage, it should be able to raise it's prices to cover the generators*, overtime/hazard pay for employees, etc...

I expect it to be expensive (even if artificially and no I do not suspect the market to correct it with any great speed) and something that is not included on lower-end models.

It's about a $3k option. So no, it's not going to be on the cheapest trailers, but it's not 'that' expensive. Especially if U-haul figures out that it saves them money.

Then you get systems like the ford auto-backup. Which IS a vehicle mounted option.

Also, these are people traveling. They are not just people moving. Comparing them to a rental such as U-Haul is intellectually deceiving if not intellectually dishonest.

I'm not comparing people traveling to U-Haul. I'm saying that I see the most common trailer case to be that the trailer is rented, the car is owned, because the people are using the trailer for 1-2% of their driving needs, and don't need the trailer around taking up space and still requiring maintenance when they don't need it.

If they're such an edge case like you, that they'd more or less constantly have the trailer on their vehicle, it's time to ditch the trailer and just buy a hybrid in the first place. Do not mistake me for a 'single solution' type of person, though I will get into the 'weeds' when concentrating on a single topic. Once you remove the people who never go that far(I used to drive from ND to NE to visit my parents. Now that the trip would be from AK to FL, I fly), those that do it relaxed enough that supercharger stations would keep up with them(my parents), those that do it constantly enough that they just buy a hybrid in the first place, etc... There's not a lot of trailers left.

This does not discount the idea of a trailer, it is simply another line of thinking that I have been mulling over since first pondering the trailer idea.

I pondered it myself, but kept hitting a wall at the steering issue. Except for backing, a trailer changing steering less than hanging the weight off the vehicle. Plus, I got 600 pounds by looking up the weight of a 22kW generator. Add in fuel, wiring, etc...

So you're looking at needing a way to lift said attachment to place onto the vehicle - which would not be easy, and moving it around without wheels is a pain. I can move my much larger trailer by hand if necessary when it's unloaded, 600 pounds on wheels is relatively easy.

Some early hybrid designs were to feature a removable motor/secondary battery/storage area, but you run into weight/storage issues there - do you want a motor taking up your trunk space when you're going on a long trip?

As for an example trailer consider this article about one in development. 22kW - right on the money! Barely visible out the rear-view mirror, but yes, wider than I expected.

*which, even discounting purchase costs, fuel costs for the electricity to run the store are going to be substantially higher during the outage.

Comment: Re:E-book prices (Score 1) 97 97

What's really amazing is that books are so insensitive to this trend.

That's the thing; they aren't so insensitive to it. You have the hardback, then the paperback, then they hit the discount racks, used bookstores, etc...

What's amazing is that it's the e-books that are so insensitive to this.

And going by what Baen's released for their policies, it's the distributors such as Apple and Amazon that are pushing not only this, but DRM and such.

Comment: Re:E-book prices (Score 1) 97 97

Digital content has to be cheap because it's worth much, much less than physical content due to lack of resales.

True, but given that I wait for said massive sales actually means that I end up paying LESS for my games(on average), than the difference between buying a game new and then selling it to a store like gamestop, and as a bonus I get to keep my game!

So I'd argue that it's not worth that much less, and I still remember reading an article where the author argued that the resale market for games, especially server-dependent online ones, actually drives the price for games UP, and that the continuing profit TO the studio from steam-style sales provides incentive to keep improving the game. His arguments were quite well reasoned, even if I didn't agree with all of them.

Of course, this is getting away from e-book sale prices a bit. You don't normally expect to see revisions to a published book, even though such would be possible with a e-book, and such may not be welcome. "Han shot first!" type stuff.

Comment: Re:Once Again (Score 1) 138 138

It's the compromises made to make the B share the same frame as the other planes that cases the problems.

Relatively speaking, the A version is 'great' compared to the B, but note that I didn't say that the F-35 is a suitable replacement, merely that we need new planes.

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