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Comment: Re:beta tester now? (Score 1) 185

by XxtraLarGe (#46824805) Attached to: You Can Now Run Beta Versions of OS X—For Free

I wasn't all that happy with Lion, to the point that I rolled back to 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. Mountain Lion was useable.

I completely skipped over Lion, and only had Mountain Lion because it came on the new iMac I got via AppleCare when my old iMac died. I've since upgraded to Mavericks on both the iMac and my MacBook pro, and it's been pretty solid. In fact, my iMac now runs better since upgrading, which isn't what I was expecting. I bought an old MacBook for my mom which I will be loading with Snow Leopard, which should be good enough for her.

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by XxtraLarGe (#46807917) Attached to: The Limits of Big Data For Social Engineering

Nicholas Carr argues that such data-based social engineering 'will tend to perpetuate existing social structures and dynamics' and 'encourage us to optimize the status quo rather than challenge it.'

That's the goal. As long as there's enough bread and circuses to go around, the social engineers can make the masses dance to their tune.

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by XxtraLarGe (#46760721) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

While that sounds nice in theory but for most people it doesn't make any different. For example say you get back $2,000 from your tax return. If you intend on saving you could keep in your weekly check that money and put it in an interest barring account and come out ahead. but when your saving account is paying 0.1% interest you are making less then $2 by doing so. $2 a year for most people isn't even worth time time to figure out the proper withholding. And don't tell me about the stock market or similar where i am putting my money at risk. so until interest rates go to a sane level its just not worth it.

Unless of course you're one of the unwashed masses that has an abundance of credit card debt. Using that extra money to pay off your debts more quickly can give you a great return, at least in the sense that you'd LOSE less money.

Comment: Re:Lobbying aside (Score 5, Insightful) 421

by XxtraLarGe (#46758567) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

On the one hand, filing Return-free filing would be a nice option...on the other, I like that people have to take the time to notice how much money Uncle Sam is taking.

Most of them only look at how much they're getting back, which is the majority of people. If you really wanted it to sink in, you'd need to end paycheck income tax withholding and actually have them write a check on April 15.

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by XxtraLarGe (#46638275) Attached to: A Third of Consumers Who Bought Wearable Devices Have Ditched Them

There are many people I know who dislike bluetooth headphones just because after a while they get tired from sychronising them with the device, finding the proper frequency, there is noise and interference and whatever have you.

What bluetooth headphones are these people using? I've only had to pair mine once with each device I use it with, and never had to mess with changing frequencies. I have to charge it once a week for like 2 hours, but that's a fair trade-off for not having a wire attached.

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by XxtraLarGe (#46574747) Attached to: I prefer my peppers ...

I grew curious about Sriracha sauce after seeing it mentioned in several places, so I bought some a few weeks back after trying the Sriracha sauce on a Subway sub.

My wife & I have been getting Smart Ones because a) they're cheap and b) we're trying to lose weight. The big down side is that they are pretty bland for the most part, so I've been dousing them with Sriracha.

It's nice & spicy, without being overwhelming. The other thing I like about it is that it's not runny like other hot sauces. It has a thicker consistency, like ketchup. I was a little surprised though to find out that it's only between 1000-2500 on the Scoville scale.

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Personally, my father is a professor researching the effectiveness of 'alternative medicine', specifically massage & chiropractic techniques for back pain versus pain killers. His research has shown it's effective for back pain, but it's still called alternative medicine right now. What it won't do is cure cancer.

I go to a chiropractor for neck & back issues. I typically go once or twice a month, though I haven't been for a couple of months due to working extra jobs. It does wonders for getting kinks out & un-pinching nerves. I have some trouble spots that feel much better after an adjustment. I think where chiropractic gets into trouble is with some of their other claims, like helping allergies, etc. I have allergies too, and as far as I can tell, chiropractic has never done anything to help them. I think they should stick to the neck & back claims, because really that should be enough.

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