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Comment Individuals' vigilence (Score 2) 59

That's the one I chose, but if a company is loosey-goosey with their security, then there's nothing you can do in that case, but you can still prevent the spread of harm. Use unique passwords for each site, make up the answers for your security questions (but you have to remember them!), etc. I still keep all of my info old-school in a password-protected encrypted spreadsheet. I tried a password manager before, but many sites won't accept the software generated passwords because they have weird requirements. I also know my passwords for my important accounts and I always type them in, which helps me to remember them; I never have them stored automatically in the browser.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 4, Insightful) 112

Um, Puritanism is the State Religion in the USA. They offer platitudes about separation of Church and State, but all the evidence points in the other direction.

If drugs were illegal in the U.S. merely for puritanical reasons, why would they also be illegal in places like China, North Korea or Vietnam? The religion they all have in common is statism.

The reason for outlawing them is simple: You belong to the state, and if you're taking illegal drugs, you're not being a productive member of society. If you're selling illegal drugs, you're not contributing to the welfare of the state in the form of taxes. It all goes back to statism. Of course, most statists don't like to admit this.

Saying this as a pro-legalization Christian who also doesn't like puritanism/legalism/statism...

Comment Re:Unauthorized teardown (Score 1) 366

While I agree with the above statement (and some of your others), they didn't buy the devices. It was a developer preview provided to them under NDA. I think iFixit is clearly in the wrong here.

You're expecting them to RTFA? I'd say "You must be new here", but your UID is lower than mine. In this particular case, I agree with you completely. iFixIt broke an agreement. I'd agree with the other posters completely if iFixIt had bought the unit. Seems to me like a fairly black & white case. And yes, I know the AppleTV's case is only black.

Comment Re:Social media (Score 1) 307

Not me. This place is so full of trolls and shills it's really not much fun any more. Discussions like this are OK, but if it has anything to do with Linux it'll be filled with all kinds of caustic anti-Linux comments from MS "evangelists".

That's what moderation is about. F'rinstance, I was making a joke about Slashdot being antisocial media, and someone (possibly an introvert) got offended. Besides, I think it's worse for us Mac users. You get all of the MS shills and the anti-Apple haters. MS has it's detractors as well. Just roll with the punches.

Comment Flipped Classrooms (Score 3, Interesting) 307

I can see how "collaborative learning" and "project-based learning" might be problematic for introverts, but flipped classrooms might actually be better for them. Although there are several ways that they can be delivered, the most typical model is where students watch instructional material online by themselves, then do their homework in class. It seems to me that this would be an ideal situation for an introvert. No distraction during instruction or anxiety of being called on or asked to the front of the class, etc.

Comment Re:It should... but what about Ecto-1 (Score 1) 138

It goes without saying that stuff like this should be copyrighted because it's essentially "fanart" that is being sold. You just can't do that. Though this makes me wonder about Time Machine-modified Delorean's and Ecto-1's

There goes cosplay.

I'm not so sure about that. I think Marvel & DC are smart enough to realize that killing Cosplay would really harm their industries. Of course, the problem you have with Marvel is their parent company, who is known for it's ridiculous commitment to protecting it's "property".

Comment You're being pedantic... (Score 1) 160

A shark attack is a direct mechanism of death â" a thing that produces actual, physical harm. A selfie, on the other hand, is what health statisticians might classify as an âoeunderlying mechanismâ or an âoeintermediate mechanism,â depending on the exact circumstances: a thing thatâ(TM)s involved in, and maybe precipitates, an accident, but doesnâ(TM)t actually cause any physical harm. (Unless your phone electrocutes you or something, but thatâ(TM)s a different situation.)

The headline reads "Selfies Kill" but the summary clearly states that the story is about people who died while taking selfies. Just Another Old Guy indeed! ;-P

Comment Re:I cheer when I read stories like this (Score 2) 203

And their CEO now wants to be President of the United States.

You mean the one who says marijuana can't be legalized, because she buried a child due to drugs, except that the child was her 35 year old step-daughter, was an alcoholic and was addicted to prescription drugs? Age and cause of death don't make it any less tragic, but it also doesn't support her opposition to drug legalization.

Comment Re:No time to read (Score 1) 26

Any chance this book is available for my IoT toaster, so I can read it while waiting for my toast?

No, silly. It's available as an ePub. You're going to be using your IoT toaster app on your phone anyway, so you may as well read it on that. Your IoT toaster will send you a push notification when it's done.

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