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Comment I have experienced this constantly (Score 1) 168

I have 1 DVR for our main TV & 2 digital converter boxes for our upstairs TVs. The 2 DC boxes are supposed to be cheap; $2.95 each per month. When we first set them up, they didn't work. So I had to call Comcast and have them "program" them. After this, they started working, but I shortly got a letter saying that I was being under billed, and the correct price is $10. Of course, $10 was the cost of the original set-top boxes I returned to get the 2 cheaper DC boxes. I called them up to get the bill fixed, then my DC boxes magically stopped working again. Called back, got them working, got the $10 letter agin. I've done this 3 times, and just got my $10 letter, so I am giving up and returning the 2 DCs next week. It's not worth the hassle. I wonder how much time & money Comcast wastes because they are constantly screwing up?

Comment Re:Big question... (Score 1) 172

My roommate has Comcast and we're debating whether or not to replace the Comcast router with a non-Comcast router. Mostly because the routers that Comcast provide have minimal features. Also because Comcast could turn on the community hotspot, which may or may not be using the bandwidth we are paying for.

The other benefit you're going to get is that you'll reduce your bill by $10 a month.

Comment Re:I have a simpler method ... (Score 1) 303

That was pretty slick how you managed to imply that Rahm Emanuel was behind 9/11.

Um, it would take a special sort of twisted logic to say that I implied anything of the sort. My point was that while the government doesn't necessarily want tragedies to happen, they're more than happy to exploit the F.U.D. that comes in the aftermath.

Comment Re:I have a simpler method ... (Score 0) 303

Its a fake conspiracy theory when my nephew believes it. 100% accuracy within 5 seconds.

While I think many conspiracies are pretty easily set aside in short order (lizard people, ancient aliens, etc.), the sad fact is that the way the U.S. government operates, I have to take a moment to consider them. While I don't think 9/11 was an inside job, I also don't consider it beyond the pale for the U.S. government to pull it's own Reichstag Fire. Didn't Rahm Emanuel say "You never want a serious crisis go to waste?"

Comment Re:9/11 was an inside job (Score 1) 303

What about the conspiracy theory that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the government?

They aren't competent enough to orchestrate something like that. They also weren't competent enough to stop it, despite getting plenty of notice about some of the orchestrators. That doesn't make them any less responsible.

Comment Re:Javascript (Score 1) 414

I consider Javascript a "toy" language. Even though you can write some pretty sophisticated software with it, it is still very easy to pick up & use with web pages. No need for a compiler or IDE. Just a good old plain text editor. The browser is your debugger.

Javascript is a good first language for students to learn. Learn the basics of variables, loops, operators, arrays, branching logic, etc. It's too bad about the name though. I still run into tons of people who *should* know better that still confuse Javascript with Java.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1, Interesting) 875

While the fantasy that the Clinton campaign is somehow in charge of two other leading candidates - one of which is in the other party, makes for a cool narrative, it takes a particularly kind of naivete and never-mind lack of faith in investigative journalism to believe it's even logistically possible to do, let alone keep it a secret.

Really? how hard would it be for Hilary to suggest to Trump in a private conversation that he run for president as a Republican to derail the GOP? After all, it's not like she doesn't know him. Also, I didn't say she was in control, but Trump & Sanders are more like useful idiots. And you're right, I have no faith in investigative journalism. The press glosses over any kind of negative story linked to Clinton because the majority of them are in the tank for her.

Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1, Interesting) 875

He is not actually going to build that wall on the Mexican border, and whatnot.

That's because he's not actually going to get elected. My theory is that Trump is a stooge for the Clinton campaign. He's in the Republican primaries just to sabotage the GOP, but saying increasingly stupid and intolerant stuff to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the population, further damaging the GOP's brand. He won't get the nomination, because the party rank-and-file loyalists are against him, but he'll still be able to do a lot of damage, drag out the primary. After he flames out, I can see him launching an independent campaign, or be so obnoxious in his support of the GOP nominee, that he will turn off the general electorate .

Then she has her other stooge Bernie out there. He's out there vocalizing all the far left-wing stuff Hilary wants to say, but can't because she needs to appear more moderate for the general election.He's able to energize the far-left base, and will endorse Hilary after he concedes the primaries. He might win in Iowa & NH, but he'll be done after that.

So basically, Bernie primary voters == Hilary general voters, and Trump primary voters != Republican general voters if he runs independent/3rd party. Pretty smart tactics on her part.

Comment Re:money (Score 1) 143

Are you suggesting that the owners of businesses should not be responsible for the actions of those businesses?

Go back and re-read what I wrote. If I invest $1000 in a company's stock, let's say a pharmaceutical corp, and it's found out that their drug kills people, and the value of my stocks plummet, shouldn't that be enough? I'm not in the board room making decisions, I don't have access to research, etc. Don't you think I would have paid enough of a penalty by my investment losing value?

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