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Comment: As others have said, range & cost (Score 1) 538 538

I just drove 1000 miles over the past 3 days. Yesterday was 500 miles hauling a 3000 lb. camper. There is currently no electric vehicle available to do that. Plus, I commute 45 miles to and from work each day. What do I do if there's a power outage at my home, but no problems where I work (It's happened before), and my car isn't charged up enough? I can't even telecommute if that's the case, and none of my friends or coworkers live close by so that I could hitch a ride with them. There's too many issues that come up like that which most people haven't even considered. Let them be curiosities for the rich until somebody figures out how to address these problems.

Comment: Doodads and Gewgaws (Score 1) 266 266

I've been testing out a da Vinci 1.0 AiO. The results haven't been very impressive. Over half the time the PLA filament doesn't stick to the bed, resulting in a blob of plastic just sticking to the extruder. The 3D scanner is just about useless. I haven't had a scan work even close to accurate yet. Anything with black scans as negative space. Pretty much the only things you can scan with any degree of success are small, white geometric objects with a matte finish.

Today I'm testing out a Cube Pro 3D printer, and expecting much better results. We'll be using our printers for student projects in arts & sciences.

Comment: Re:Zero respect for SCOTUS (Score 2) 1082 1082

In their opinion on gay marriage, Roberts issues a dissenting opinion with the following quote:

Under the Constitution, judges have power to say what the law is, not what it should be.

The internal inconsistencies of the SCOTUS are appalling.

The only power the SCOTUS should have is to determine if a law violates the Constitution. If it does, it should be struck down, if it doesn't, it should stand.

Comment: Re:Answer (Score 1) 383 383

I've played with OSX-based laptops, I find the GUI clunky when it comes to working with multiple terminal windows, as Apple has taken the approach of using Apple-Tab to switch between applications, rather than switch between windows. It's more awkward than it should be to switch between multiple terminal sessions quickly.

Use option-tab to switch between windows in an application on OS X.

Comment: Re:Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcent (Score -1, Troll) 308 308

At least 50% false

Hate to be technical, but a "balanced" budget be $0. So we've had 4 years out of the past 35 that had a surplus, or put another way, 88% of the years we've run a deficit, with the surpluses coming at the tail-end of Clinton and the start of Bush 2. Big deal.

Comment: Phase out fossil-fueled power plants by midcentury (Score 2) 308 308

Thus far, no other candidate has said they're going to make climate change their top priority.

Ever notice how politicians' plans are always far out in the future? Sure, 35 years is within the scope of of most of our lives, but usually they are well past the time that the politicians proposing them will be around to face the consequences. We hear the same thing all the time about balancing the budget and paying down the deficit ever since Reagan, but neither one has happened yet.

Comment: Re:Weird (Score 2) 98 98

The Japanese company does a world-wide release.
The American company does a Japan-first release.

You might be a little confused. Here's some clarification:

announcement comes just weeks after Microsoft announced a 1TB version of its Xbox One. Gamers in Japan will be able to get their hands on the console [The PS4] by the end of June

Sony is releasing the 1TB PS4 in Japan first, the rest of the world July 15. XBone is just mentioned in passing for comparison of announcement dates.

Comment: Re:Cool feature but... (Score 2) 98 98

Sony doesn't want you to be able to play the games you already bought.

Making a slight amendment to this: Sony doesn't want you to be able to play the games you already bought without paying for them again. Sony could blow the whole backward compatible thing out of the water though, if they could scan your account for games you already bought (maybe using your trophies list?) and give you free access to those in PS Now.

Comment: Re:Cool feature but... (Score 2) 98 98

Probably not going to happen because of this. Sony doesn't want you to be able to play the games you already bought. Then again, Microsoft doesn't really want you to either, but they're behind in the game, so their hand was forced. Also, backward compatibility only supports a handful of games. I typically don't buy a console until 3-4 years after it's out, then I can get GOTY editions of games for $30 instead of new "patched out of the box" games for $60.

Comment: Re:Equality (Score 2) 490 490

The real problem isn't that women are incapable. It's that most women don't have the fortitude to continue in the face of adversity. It's easier to give up, find a man who was raised to do all the heavy lifting and undesirable jobs and move on to having kids. It's not that women are inherently lazy, it's that they perceive certain jobs to be easier than others, and they prefer that which they consider easier.

Not to take away from your point, but being a mother is an extremely important and extremely difficult job, and it's sad that women who desire to be stay-at-home mothers get ostracized by the "feminist" movement so bad.

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