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Comment Re:Going out of business ... (Score 1) 140

I envision this as a response to Maxim or FHM. People still buy those, even though there's no nudity. Playboy was always able to find some level of legitimacy through their articles and I assume they will still attempt the same level of content even by removing the nudity.

Honestly, I don't see the point in this and they should just retire the magazine and create a new one w/o nudity to compete with the others in that genre; however, they clearly feel they will be able to capitalize successfully on their established fan base and grow it into the future using this new format.

Best of luck to them.

Submission + - 'Too hot to be an engineer' - women mark Ada Lovelace Day

AmiMoJo writes: On Ada Lovelace Day, four female engineers from around the world share their experiences of working in male-dominated professions. When Isis Anchalee's employer OneLogin asked her to take part in its recruitment campaign, she didn't rush to consult the selfie-loving Kardashian sisters for styling tips. "I was wearing very minimal make-up. I didn't brush my hair that day," she said. But the resulting image of Ms Anchalee created a social media storm when it appeared on Bart, the San Francisco metro. Lots of people questioned whether she really was an engineer. "It was not just limited to women — it resonates with every single person who doesn't fit with what the stereotype should look like," she said.

"My parents, my brother, my community, all were against me," said Sovita Dahal of her decision to pursue a career in technology. "I was going against traditional things. In my schooldays I was fascinated by electronic equipment like motors, transformers and LED lights. Later on this enthusiasm became my passion and ultimately my career," she said.

Roma Agrawal has worked as a structural engineer for 10 years, and was part of the team that designed London skyscraper The Shard. But the argument that women have a biological struggle with maths and science subjects is infuriating, Ms Agrawal said. Ms Agrawal would like to see more parents and teachers supporting the message that engineering is an achievable career for girls — but also believes that Britons in particular have an attitude problem to address as well. "People easily say, 'I'm terrible at maths,' or 'I'm awful at numbers.' If you said that kind of thing in India people would look at you funny," she said. "It's like saying, 'Oh, I can't read,' and being proud of that fact."

For Dolphin Guan, currently working with mobile phone company Seeed Studio in China, the difference between men and women is very much still an issue. Ms Guan finished university last year. She studied computer science with 40 students, of whom just four or five were women — but in her industrial design class the gender ration was 50:50. "These years in China, I can see more and more women working in tech/engineering jobs," she said. "And a good thing about being a tech/engineer is when we have a good idea, we are able to make it happen."

Submission + - Bernie Sanders Comes Out Against CISA, A Controversial Cybersecurity Bill

erier2003 writes: Sen. Bernie Sanders' opposition to the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act in its current form aligns him with privacy advocates and makes him the only presidential candidate to stake out that position, just as cybersecurity issues loom large over the 2016 election, from email server security to the foreign-policy implications of data breaches. The Senate is preparing to vote on CISA, a bill to address gaps in America's cyberdefenses by letting corporations share threat data with the government. But privacy advocates and security experts oppose the bill because customers' personal information could make it into the shared data.

Submission + - Economics is not a Science ( 2

The Real Dr John writes: A Nobel prize in economics implies that the human world operates much like the physical world: that it can be described and understood in neutral terms, and that it lends itself to modeling, like chemical reactions or the movement of the stars. It creates the impression that economists are not in the business of constructing inherently imperfect theories, but of discovering timeless truths. In 1994 economists Myron Scholes and Robert Merton, with their work on derivatives, seemed to have hit on a formula that yielded a safe but lucrative trading strategy. In 1997 they were awarded the Nobel prize in economics. A year later, Long-Term Capital Management lost $4.6bn (£3bn) in less than four months; a bailout was required to avert the threat to the global financial system.

Comment Re: Maybe (Score 1) 416

The important thing is to have boundaries for the range of conditions where the emissions must not exceed certain values and then state that as long as the tests are performed within these boundaries they shall be done in a random manner.

Uniform tests invites to cheating and optimizations for that test. Test with randomness are harder to cheat and are more realistic.

Comment Re:The problem is C (Score 2) 74

Switching to C++ is just opening another can of worms.

C++ just have the bad stuff from C and the bad stuff from object oriented design combined.

If you want a language for an OS that is better you will need to look at ADA or some completely different language. One of the more secure operating systems out there is OpenVMS and that's written in BLISS.

Comment Re:what OSS is insecure? (Score 1) 74

So do Windows and a number of other applications and operating systems. Mostly the security issue is just a small thing but now and then a big issue appears.

Many large issues are also caused by not one single mistake but by a chain of mistakes where each mistake by itself wasn't fatal. This isn't limited to software alone but we see it from time to time in the physical world as well.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 1) 479

Also realize that there is use for software not focusing on emissions, like when testing vehicles in the extreme boundaries to see what breaks before customers discovers a bad piece of engineering in other parts. Not funny to have to replace bearings in gearbox every 10000 miles because it wasn't tested correctly.

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