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Comment: Re: Sexual description? (Score 0) 134

The younger generation sure they come out with a cool idea, but then they get lazy and pay someone else to do there dirty work for them! Zuckerberg is one of them slackers. But I'd like to ask him this why do you really care in the first place you socialist pig!

Comment: Well there goes our outdated future and all becaus (Score 0) 119

by Xman73x (#49074757) Attached to: FAA Proposes Rules To Limit Commercial Drone Use
Seriously I can understand if a kid is using these drones but not Companies like Amazon Etc you people working for the FAA are stupid idiots with these regulations it also would be a different scenario with ISIS etc but this won't be used for that! It will be used for delivering a package quicker to your door step and that's all you fools!ðYðY'ZðY±

Comment: We don't need Net Neutrality! (Score 0) 127

by Xman73x (#48380577) Attached to: FCC Confirms Delay of New Net Neutrality Rules Until 2015
So they want to control the speed of the Internet!? This is ridiculous we already have shitty internet speed! and to me they want to slow it even further down for the corporate rich 4astds instead? Fine they I mght as well move to Europe then! American commie crap today if they start invading our American lives!ðYðYðY

Comment: Re: The future sucks then digital is ridiculous (Score 0) 131

by Xman73x (#48206103) Attached to: The Future of Stamps
Digital post stamps mean this is not the original ones they can't be real when there fake! We more then likely will get jipped by someone posting a fake one as well? So how can it be real when it's not? Sorry but I'm from the sticker to stamp generation. Not this strange idealogic one. Apps aren't always the best people out there on the Internet.

To downgrade the human mind is bad theology. - C. K. Chesterton