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How do you know that 2038 will be fun? We will be slaves to our government and there will be a prince of power telling us what to do basically the AntiChrist etc..but that's what I figure with presidents today etc I see Obama he is to me a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler! But that is something that this generation wouldn't understand.

Comment: Re: Happy Communist Day from The Golden Girls! (Score 0) 284

by Xman73x (#46950317) Attached to: Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law
That he is using The Muslim Brotherhood to do his dirty work! Heck just look at the Feds, agents trying to steal Ranchers farmers land! And that is under Dirty Greed! America The Divided anyone and now MS-13 is Involed there kidnapping teens etc so UnAmerican! Conspiracy under the Obama Administration!

Comment: The problem today? They rush these games! (Score 0) 305

by Xman73x (#46844369) Attached to: 'The Door Problem' of Game Design
Yes it would be more realistic if all doors and windows could be opened! As well as Weather changes from calm to fierce weather! This goes for as well day to night! So let's have this in all our games, $60.00 these games cost today and I think sorry to tell you this what a waste of a great gone to the dog pound!! I can't stand restrictions in the Video Game Industry today!! So wake up Sony! And Microsoft!! This is getting so annoying that it's not funny anymore! 1976-2015..

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by Xman73x (#46446457) Attached to: New Blood Test Offers Early Warning for Alzheimer's Onset
It's creepy because my moms side of the family had that in her back ground history. I hope I never get that disease, but I worry about my mom and my Godfather. My mom was born in Germany ages ago but that's another story. I'm hoping by the time I'm in my 50's they will have a cure for just about everything when it comes down to allergies and Cancer illnesses you name it. I don't like seeing people suffer from these problems.

Comment: Re: How can the situation be improved? (Score 0) 513

by Xman73x (#46335943) Attached to: Why Is US Broadband So Slow?
Yup Corporate greed! Now Europe is 12-13 years ahead of the United States Of America! We are barely catching up to the Europeans when it comes down to our products and technology, an example the crap they put in our food that we eat is not safe it's banned in Europe for over 40 years now! The Artificial junk banned in many countries except the USA read up on Red-40,Yellow 5-6,blue 1-2 Green,Lake 1-2! It's disgusting right here in the country that I was born in but I don't remember any of the crap that you see today that kids and young adults are eating today. But back to the subject sorry I got off track The USA needs to come back out of the cold Era and get back to the way it was 20-30 years ago!

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