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Comment Re: Where were you?? (Score 0) 320

I was coming out of the Christian school in 1986, it was around 3:00 PM and as soon as I got home The Space Shud Challenger was taking off but within a few minutes it blew upðY±ðY" I don't think my generation will ever forget that ever happened, because it did ðY" It was a tragic day just like 9/11ðY'¦ðY"ðY(TM)ðYðY¥ Rest all in Heavenly peaceðYðY(TM)ðY

Comment Well there goes our outdated future and all becaus (Score 0) 119

Seriously I can understand if a kid is using these drones but not Companies like Amazon Etc you people working for the FAA are stupid idiots with these regulations it also would be a different scenario with ISIS etc but this won't be used for that! It will be used for delivering a package quicker to your door step and that's all you fools!ðYðY'ZðY±

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