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Comment Re:Meh (Score 2, Informative) 95

Call me when a supercap has anything like the energy density - by any measure of cubic or weight - as a battery. Till then, they have only niche uses. I've seen various supercap articles that were about tech that was "About to change the world" for how many decades now? OK, sooner or later, they might...I'm still waiting, and I ain't gonna live for as many more decades as I've already been waiting. Till then, I'll drive my Volt.

DCFusor, you forgot one thing to be informative.

The article states their power density around 13wh/kg in one of their diagrams.
While l-ion batteries are up to 1500 wh/kg (common ones are however much less often around 500 wh/kg)

Comment Re:can someone please explain (Score 1) 229

I think the answer is, that the payload is a command and control utility.
That way, the people who deployed it can use it at any / from any location, which is infected.

It could be used to escalate privileges on the local computer or many more useful things, and would reduce the need to be tied.
Sure similar things have been achieved in different ways, this is just speculation


Solar Cells Made From Bioluminescent Jellyfish 82

An anonymous reader writes "Swedish researchers have devised a way to turn bioluminescent jellyfish into solar cells. It works like this: the green fluorescent protein (GFP) that makes the Aequorea victoria glow is simply dripped onto a silicon dioxide substrate between two electrodes. The protein works itself into strands between the electrodes. When ultraviolet light is shined on the circuit, voila, the GFP absorbs photons and emits electrons, generating a current. The GFP-powered cells work like dye-sensitized solar cells, but don't require expensive materials such as titanium dioxide."

Comment Re:Don't start planning that vacation just yet (Score 1) 245

As far as i remember, homo sapiens is about 200.000 years old.
Even assumnig that the technology was no problem, I wonder if we would survive such a trip, both on earth and on the ship, and how different we'd be when we arrived.
I think it would be fair to assume, that those in the ship evolved quite differently than those on the planet.