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by Xinef Jyinaer (#46347667) Attached to: Blizzard To Sell Level 90 <em>WoW</em> Characters For $60
I personally put over 1000 hours into GW2 and have most classes at level 80(ranger and engi didn't make it quite) 1. I miss the GW1 customization. Also healing... I loved healing. I have to agree with Remus tha tit felt like it was a bait and switch partly because they made it seem like you could actively protect your teammates a lot more than you could. No collision detection between npcs or players really hurts a game in my mind. 2. Ascended gear. This takes WAAAAAAAY too long to grind for my liking. The stat increase isn't really even worth the grind. Especially when you need to do it for 5 level 80 characters that were there before they even released this surprise tier. 3. Healers, you can have healers without the holy trinity you just don't use traditional threat mechanics

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This 1000 times. I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old my parents watching The Exorcist. Now, I never really had any introduction to religion, ever in my life aside from hearing people talk about it. That movie scared the shit out of me, to the point where I sent myself to bed to not watch it. That wasn't nearly enough though since my bedroom was in close proximity to the living room and my parents had the volume loud enough to hear pretty much everything. Needless to say I couldn't sleep for multiple weeks. I think everyone has an age where they can start handling certain things. It's not the same for everyone, but from my own experience I would say that even children would know that they are not comfortable watching something and try to remove themselves from the situation, of course when I told my parents it bothered me back then they just laughed at me.

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I honestly don't think most parents care. I'm young enough to remember playing GTA 3 with my parents when it was released ( I was 13 years old). As a parent now I realize my son is a long way off from playing games as laden with violence and explosions as GTA 3. However; I'm not going to refuse to let him play a M game when he is 11-17 years old.

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Fhajad writes "nVidia's making a strong move to keep its head in the chipset and video card industry by now introducing 3-Way SLI technology. In hopes to keep AMD and Intel from making any chipset they need themselves and cutting out nVidia, and to prove once again, there is such a thing as overkill."
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+ - not really scalping Wii Consoles

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gwbooth writes "In an open letter to the community explains the reasoning behind the Wii Consoles they have on eBay.
From Slackers website: In a December 20, 2007 article posted on the on-line site Ars Technica, author Ben Kuchera wrote a sensationalist article about Slackers, in which he makes a number of sweeping and factually incorrect statements about Slackers' practice of selling Nintendo Wii Game systems on eBay. In his article, Mr. Kuchera claims that Slackers "stockpiles" its entire allotment of Wii systems from Nintendo and sells them exclusively on eBay at substantial mark-up. This article is factually inaccurate, and unfortunately, other sites are picking up this story and spreading the misleading piece. In his article, Mr. Kuchera claims that he attempted to contact me, Slackers' owner, multiple times to comment on his article. That is simply not true. Had Mr. Kuchera contacted me, I would have told him exactly what I am telling you in this letter."

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hydra writes "Research by the Institute of Weird Thinkers has today published their conclusions on the causes of Nerdhood. Apparently, the study which investigated over 200 famous nerds found that 95% of those studied were in fact weird because they had a weirdly complicated childhood. Many sought refuge in a life of Nerdhood because they never felt in control as a child. Others took up Nerdhood to avoid social situations and more still became nerds because they wished to avoid this stupid, pointless life altogether — but didn't want to hurt themselves to do it. Whatever the reason Nerds, keep doing it — or go and find a shrink."
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