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Comment: Re:WTF (Score 2) 495

by Xicor (#47360395) Attached to: Microsoft Takes Down Domains

but thats the truth... if the laws says it is legal, sadly it is legal. the only way we can change that is by revolting against the lawmakers.

let me ask you this, what is the difference between murder and assasination/war? you guessed it! in the latter, the government says it is ok, in the former, the government says it is not ok.

Comment: Re:Why not patent compression algorithm? (Score 1) 263

by Xicor (#47285323) Attached to: The Supreme Court Doesn't Understand Software

that isnt the issue. the issue is that right now pretty much anything in software is patentable... hardware has much more difficulty. one example is that apple patented swipe to unlock... which is an idea, not an actual invention.

you cant patent an idea, you have to patent the thing that the idea represents.

Comment: added cost (Score 1) 455

by Xicor (#47271537) Attached to: NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

there is really no reason for tesla(or any car manufacturer) to sell to dealerships if they care about the consumer. in most cases, the manufacturers make x copies and sell them all to the dealerships. they dont really care if the end user likes them or even buys them because theyve already made their money.

in the best case scenario, everyone buys every car... but it costs the end user 10-20% more than the cars cost the dealerships. if tesla cuts out the middle man, they can charge the normal dealership price, but for everyone and still make the same profit.(this also makes their cars cheaper than the competition).

dealerships are outdated and are in need of destruction.

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by Xicor (#47126559) Attached to: 'Curiosity' Lead Engineer Suggests Printing Humans On Other Planets

if you were copied... you and your copy would diverge, if one of you died... the other would still be around... but you would not survive in the other. one day you were walking around, you get hit by a truck, now you are gone... it wouldnt be one day you are walking around and get hit by a truck and now you are in the other body with the new memories and the old memories. the copy and you are two entirely different entities with the same memory up to a certain point.

Comment: what is consciousness? (Score 1) 323

by Xicor (#47122043) Attached to: 'Curiosity' Lead Engineer Suggests Printing Humans On Other Planets

the idea of consciousness is the main problem with simply printing humans with a specific memory. if you copy someone with their current memory... the copy is now a new person, with his own actions. the main body and the new body have completely separate life after creation. if the original dies, the new one carries on. the idea of copying someone to teleport them is unsolvable before we figure out how to deal with consciousness, because that isnt 'me' on the other side, that is someone else who looks like me and has my memory.

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