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Comment: Re:So that means it's free to everyone (Score 0) 280 280

nope... ive been testing the windows 10 preview, but it completely bricked itself... it will take a full reinstall. ive been using linux instead. pretty sure the system wont realize that ive been testing it and give me a free copy. that being said, i still have the free copy from my school.

Comment: Re:well.. (Score 1) 760 760

only maybe 10% of people on the road follow speed limits... on highways that number is even lower. so the speed limits dont really do anything at all. people will drive at whatever speed they feel comfortable driving... which, in my opinion, is better than some arbitrary number.

Comment: Re:well.. (Score 1) 760 760

you are quite mistaken... the speeding tickets are not there to discourage illegal activity, they are there to make money. if it had anything to do with illegal activity at all, there would be no places where the speed limit decreases for a quarter mile for no reason whatsoever other than to catch people before they manage to slow down.

i would much rather they just sell us a license to speed for 100-200$ a year, and we have to take a special driving test to qualify. Either that or actually come up with a speed limit that makes sense. if i can safely drive 60 on a road or 100 on a highway, why should the limit be 30 for the road or 60 on the highway?

instead of coming up with some arbitrary speed at which it is safe for the average user to drive, and force people who suck at driving to drive at that speed(because going below the speed limit is dangerous), they should simply let people drive as quickly as they want to and then charge them out the wazoo when they do something stupid and injure someone. I would also love to see multi lane roads actually have variable limits based on your lane... so slow traffic is in one lane and fast traffic is in another.

Comment: Re:well.. (Score 1) 760 760

maybe at one point in time... the point of them now as posted before is monetary income. this is why wealthier cities do not have nearly as many cops pulling people over for speeding as poorer cities. you can drive 100 down 30s all day in houston and noone will ever pull you over... but if you drive 70 in a 60 on the highway through ennis, you will get pulled over every time.

speed limits have been proven to have absolutely nothing to do with safety, and the speeding tickets are even worse.

Comment: the only punishment that will work: (Score 1, Insightful) 284 284

the only punishment that would actually work is one that is actually reasonable... how about, you get caught, you have to pay 5x the price of the item you pirated? people might actually stop pirating. the issue with these ridiculous punishments is that the only people you could reasonably go after for are the outliers who are the ones uploading tons and tons of content and profiting off them. if you attempted to put the average joe in jail for 10 years for piracy, first of all, there would be riots on your hands, second, you would have to put 9/10 of the US in jail... and we dont have enough prisons for that, we are already letting murderers loose because we dont have room for ppl who smoke pot.

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