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Comment Re:Major disconnect from layers (Score 1) 474

while the people above us may not need to know how to do our jobs, they consistently end up either making, or not making decisions that really arent up to them. if we propose a change to one of the systems that we use for programming, it shouldnt be up to the management on whether or not we switch... but they will consistently decide that it IS their decision and then just sit on it for months and MAYBE say no or yes, but often they just sit on their hands.

Comment Re:So that means it's free to everyone (Score 0) 281

nope... ive been testing the windows 10 preview, but it completely bricked itself... it will take a full reinstall. ive been using linux instead. pretty sure the system wont realize that ive been testing it and give me a free copy. that being said, i still have the free copy from my school.