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Comment Re:Insurance Companies (Score 1) 153

I work in insurance and these devices are already in all new cars(in the EU... and most in the US). Insurance companies also use them to adjust premiums based on other behavior like parking your car in a area prone to theft etc. Business fleet insurance(think truck fleets etc) can use them to contest speeding and parkign tickets issued in error(with surprisingly significant savings BTW).

Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 58

Back in the day I used to work on systems that had to maintain modem links to rural locations in VIC and NSW from Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Compared to the actual Outback those places are in downtown New York for Australia and they were still insanely unreliable(Telstra had a commitment to maintain at least a 300baud rate on lines(!!) and it often wasn't and we had to complain). People from outside of Australia just don't understand.

Comment Re:Old guy story (Score 1) 108

QNX is a true microkernel. Device drivers crashing will not bugger the kernel because they do not run at ring 0. It does this via an extremely fast and deterministic message passing system. Writing a device driver in QNX is like writing a normal app... you can fire it up in a debugger without anythign like SoftICE and run it... if it crashes you just restart it.

Back in the day the QNX people used to have a joke about them selling more licenses than MS every year. Which they did. QNX was in all sorts of SCADA systems from DuPont(one of their major clients) oil pumps for Shell.

Comment Re:Old guy story (Score 1) 108

Photon was indeed the GUI that shipped with QNX6/Neutrino. The pricing back then(and probably now) could be a little weird and confusing. A full OS(usually for development) could be really pricey. But the OS was extremely modular because it was embeddable in small control devices without user IO or even any kind of comms all the way up to server type things. So it was easy to jigsaw together a system that could remove unwanted components like the GUI, the TCP/IP stack and even the file system.

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