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Comment Re:Old guy story (Score 1) 108

QNX is a true microkernel. Device drivers crashing will not bugger the kernel because they do not run at ring 0. It does this via an extremely fast and deterministic message passing system. Writing a device driver in QNX is like writing a normal app... you can fire it up in a debugger without anythign like SoftICE and run it... if it crashes you just restart it.

Back in the day the QNX people used to have a joke about them selling more licenses than MS every year. Which they did. QNX was in all sorts of SCADA systems from DuPont(one of their major clients) oil pumps for Shell.

Comment Re:Old guy story (Score 1) 108

Photon was indeed the GUI that shipped with QNX6/Neutrino. The pricing back then(and probably now) could be a little weird and confusing. A full OS(usually for development) could be really pricey. But the OS was extremely modular because it was embeddable in small control devices without user IO or even any kind of comms all the way up to server type things. So it was easy to jigsaw together a system that could remove unwanted components like the GUI, the TCP/IP stack and even the file system.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 1) 236

Some of the software I have worked on is very much like that but much more complex. Scheduled events that can span timezones... for example you want to send a message to field devices at 6AM daily in their local time and their are devices in multiple timezones. I have written rules engines that can account for DST changes that occur in different timezones(ie one timezone may go a hour ahead before the others etc. When the user schedules such an event they do it in their local timezone. It is translated into a UTC0 time and the system works as they expect.

Comment Re:Why can't the world move beyond this crap? (Score 2) 236

If you meant dealt with them from a software point of view I have dealt with them a lot. I have dealt with fairly raise issues(how many people live where there is a half hour timezone for example). The rtick in computing with timezone is pretty straightforward and I am always surprised when people don't do it. Store everything in a system in UTC0. All internal times a dealt with in this way. The only time you ever have to worry about timezone or DST is when displaying them to users. This simplifies everything enormously.

Comment Re:Aussie freedoms are inferior (Score 1) 337

Then you are essentially talking about a permanent split on the Union of the United States. Which may or may not be a practical outcome. I think there would be a danger of a "Balkanisation" of such a thing. For the international community the first priority would be securing a world economy without a unified US and concerns about limiting access to nuclear weapons to the newly formed nation states. It would be something disconcerting to the former close allies of the US... I can see them fornign alliances with e US fragments.

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