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+ - Haiku Releases Second Alpha of BeOS Re-Creation->

Submitted by NiteMair
NiteMair (309303) writes "The Haiku project announces their R1 / Alpha 2 release of the open source operating system inspired by BeOS. This new release highlights basic WiFi support (currently WEP while WPA/WPA2 is still missing) and a native WebKit-based browser called WebPositive. It also improves performance and stability across the board since the previous alpha release due to many optimizations, bugfixes, and enhancements. Haiku offers an interesting desktop platform for users who want a responsive and easy system to use, it's worth a glance if you haven't checked it out yet."
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+ - VOIP@Home 1

Submitted by neiljt
neiljt (238527) writes "Struggling with current home infrastructure (noisy phone lines, crappy wi-fi), I am resigned to re-cabling the house for ethernet, and to the usual fight with BT ("favourite" UK telco) to get them to come out and fix the line quality. At the same time, my traditional phone extension lines are also past their best and it occurred to me this would be a good time to consider IP telephony. Basic setup here is a bunch of windows workstations plugged into a LAN, with CentOS servers available. Oh, and 4 telephones currently disconnected. Ideally, I'd like to avoid re-cabling dedicated phone lines in the house. What I'd like to have is the option to use IP phones on my LAN, leveraging the ethernet cabling. That would be either hardware IP phones that plug into an ethernet drop, soft-phones (using USB mike/headsets), or wi-fi phones. Has anyone any first-hand experience of attempting a project like this? Is it possible to set up without additional hardware (except the phones of course)? What software should I consider, and what should I avoid? Are there any particularly outstanding VOIP providers I should consider (UK, specifically), and for the benefit of those in other locations, what points in general, other than price, should I be taking into account? What advice can you offer?"

+ - Alternatives to Windows 7 Applocker

Submitted by BurningSpiral
BurningSpiral (413606) writes "Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise edition includes AppLocker: the ability to prevent users from running applications that haven't been specifically authorized by the system administrator. These restrictions can be put in place based on path name, cryptographic hash, publisher signatures, etc. AppLocker is increadibly helpful in protecting sensative data from both known and unknown threats. Unfortunatly, not every organization is in a position to switch operating systems to take advantage of this feature. Is there a way to implement similar application restrictions on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Home/Pro, OS X, and Linux?"

+ - Reporting security flaws in websites? 3

Submitted by lolbutts
lolbutts (1638867) writes "When you discover a security flaw in a website, what do you do? I just realized that a website that I might have used has really glaring security holes. I have sent them an email detailing the concerns, but I am almost certain it will be disregarded. This bothers me because ensitive data for all of their customers, not just the web users, is trivial to get. Without breaking the law, how would you get an offending website to fix security problems?"

Comment: Re:Cool (Score 5, Informative) 124

by Xeon3D (#29577533) Attached to: Gameboy Color Boot ROM Dumped After 10 Years

I really love reading about the lengths enthusiasts go to when trying to do this kind of thing. For some reason I had assumed that this had been done already since there is already emulation for gameboy color, right? Can someone explain the significance of this development?

The gameboy bios was also "emulated" before, so this makes the emulation more "realistic". It happens the same with the GBA. While you can emulate games for the GBA without the need for a BIOS file, if you have one, they'll run better \ more accurately (or in some cases, they run instead of not running).

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