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Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1173 1173

"ready or likely to attack or confront;" or "pursuing one's aims and interests forcefully, sometimes unduly so." He directly threatened them with potentially lethal force if they stepped on his property. I'm not saying he was/wasn't within his rights, but he definitely was aggressive.

Comment Re:Free public transit has its up sides. (Score 1) 654 654

Yes, a fraction (don't know the exact amount) of the sales tax in my county pays for the transit system. We aren't being gouged comparative to our local neighbors either. That sales tax pays for it regardless of whether I use the transit or not, so it's "free" to use.

Comment Free public transit has its up sides. (Score 3, Insightful) 654 654

I'll be busing it in the near future, solely due to it being free. I'll be moving about 35 miles from work. It's an estimated 45-60min drive. The bus is around 75-90min. At 25-30mpg, I'll be saving $8-10/day for the days I can take the bus. That would be about 85% of my net wage per hour. Considering I cannot pick up the extra saved hour at work, it's the only way to save some money on a tight budget. I also get the benefit of being able to read, instead of driving. I'd rather keep my current 1 mile commute, but we make due with the situation.

Comment Re:Is it going to be sold like Payday? (Score 1) 79 79

First, it was a joke. Second, that's not how DLC works. DLC is very specifically extra content, above and beyond the base game. There is always better and worse DLC, and I don't approve of the trend of releasing shit tons of it for every little thing. But, the company is providing the base game as a complete experience and DLC isn't needed to enjoy the game.

Comment Re:I Got It All, Baby! (Score 1) 558 558

IGPs are only good for games that require very little gpu power, like older titles. I have an AMD 290... and I have to juggle quality and performance @ 1080p. IGPs don't even come close. Bare minimum quality settings on a top of the line IGP will get you about 30fps on a relatively modern game. They're what you use if you have no option, or don't game.

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