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Comment Re:What does this accomplish? (Score 2) 144

The side that people aren't talking about is that if your comments get posted on a billboard they're saying, "You know you did it, and so do we." Given that a lot of this crap stems from people feeling relatively anonymous on the internet, it could impact the number of offenders. I'm not saying it'll deter everyone, but given the potential costs of directly pursuing each offender, it may not be a terrible place to start.

Comment Re:They aren't really still blaming DPRK, are they (Score 2) 51

Lets be real here. There are perfectly logical reasons why they would refer to their computers as bricks. The most likely being every single activity they do on their computer could require network access. Another possibility, and I live this at work, is PCoIP. If/when the network connection goes down, so does my ability to do literally anything computer related.

Comment Re:Not very ethical (Score 1) 367

Not every publisher/developer offers that as an option. That being said, even without the pre-order bonuses.. waiting for a price reduction isn't a terrible idea. I'm one of the pre-order people. However, I do try to limit it as much as possible to only collector's editions with physical rewards. In those cases, my payoff is the statue or whatever it is.The game, while usually something I want as well, is a secondary. Except for the few CEs I can purchase a year, I try to get as much as I can on discount on steam or humble bundle.

Comment Re:Not very ethical (Score 1) 367

Your reasoning at the end is flawed. The pre-order system is predatory. When you're presented with two options for the same price and one comes with additional content, it's only logical (all else being equal) to chose the option with additional content. Collector's editions expand upon this by there being limited supply of CE goods. You cannot completely blame the consumer for this. In theory, it would be in everyone's best interest to curb the pre-order problem. In practice, nobody wants to be the one without the extra content.

Comment Re:Social media, game center? (Score 1) 113

At most, only once in the last 2+ years has raptr ever installed without me wanting it. I say at most, because I cannot be sure I didn't just forget to uncheck it. I also constantly update my drivers both with release and beta drivers. I'm not doubting your experience, just stating it's atypical from the behavior of the installer since they started including Raptr.

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