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Comment Re:20 Billion? (Score 1) 535

Apple has a history of telling you want you want, not asking you what you want. However, that process seems to work for them. Apple won't necessarily get things wrong. However, there is a lot they would have to get right. I wouldn't expect Apple to fail outright, but they will have to work hard and likely expect to operate at a loss before succeeding.

Comment Re:Educators are stupid (Score 1) 956

Most people are perfectly capable and willing to separate fiction and reality, when they actually understand there is a difference. They realize when obvious fictions are obvious. However, you cannot expect (sure, sometimes you can hope) people to understand the technical differences for things that they wouldn't normally be exposed to in real life.

Comment Re:Sucks too. (Score 1) 80

You accidentally replaced the word desired with the word intended. You have to root and sideload the fire phone to gain desired functionality. Amazon fully intended to lock people into their marketplace.

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