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+ - How Are You Dealing with the Sun/Oracle Changes?

Submitted by Xeleema
Xeleema writes: Greetingz! I work in a medium-sized company with a few thousand Solaris 8/9/10 (SPARC-based) servers. No one seems to mind the recent changes regarding patches or firmware, as we have a (expensive) support contract. However, in keeping with the "only the paranoid survive" mantra, I've begun collecting as many ISOs, patches, firmware updates, etc, to build an internal repository just in case the next change is a Big One.
What are the smaller/larger shops doing to prepare themselves for the roadmap ahead?

+ - Snuffs Itself Out

Submitted by
Xeleema writes: "As of August 6th, has effectively snuffed-out their services for the time being. For several years this donation-supported project has been one of the better sites to obtain pre-built packages of Free- and Open-Source applications for Solaris & OpenSolaris. Touting features such as 'pkg-get' (for all you apt-get junkies) over counterparts such as Steven M. Christensen's The self-inflicted take-down appears to be just a facet of the legal plan to protect themselves from certain underhanded companies who have been redistributing packages contributed to Only one North American mirror remains at the moment, hosting only OpenSolaris packages. Is it just me, or are we starting to see a trend of private companies abusing licenses such as the GNU GPL, MPL, and all the others?"

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