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Comment Yeah, CloudFlare is a specialist of censorship (Score 0, Troll) 123

CloudFlare stands in the way between you, and more and more of the internet, and they don't like TOR: try to browse with TOR, and many, many sites suddenly become "protected" by unsolvable captchas that get served every 3 pages - practically making those sites unavailable.

CloudFlare is essentially passing judgment on who is allowed to access the site they front and how. So they sure don't have any lessons to give on free speech...

Comment I can't wait (Score 2) 71

to be able to watch Eastenders in Ultra HD...

To the Beeb's credit though, the Sky at Night in UHD would definitely be a lot more interesting, surely. But out of thousands of mediocre shows and movies released year after year after year, is it worth buying a new tv to marvel at a dozen really good programs? Somehow this don't seem to be a good value proposition.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 1) 67

What is right wing about filing a lawsuit to unmask a doe, suing that person, then settling for a much smaller amount. It seems this is used by many different trolls, and likely doesn't have any political ideology behind it. It is sleazy though. Filing a lawsuit with the intention of settling just to get a payout is wrong. It is short circuiting the justice system for personal profit.

Yeah that's neither right nor left, it's the universal language of greedy bloodsuckers.

Comment Re:Righthaven (Score 3, Interesting) 67

What is right wing about that process? The Democrats support the movie industry, not the Republicans.

The fact that Democrats support something doesn't negate the possibility of something being right wing. The Democrats are not ideologically pure, or ideologically homogenous, and very few of them can be considered "left".

To me, pretending that copyright is only about property rights, and ignoring the fact that copyright was also supposed to be about free speech and about making material available for free to the public after a limited time, is definitely "right wing".

Comment Re:DMCA needs to die (Score 1) 67

This has nothing to do with the DMCA, this is a straight out copyright infringement lawsuit being filed. The real problem is that the methods the copyright holders (or the copyright enforcement goons acting on their behalf) are using to identify torrent users aren't good enough and its good to see at least one judge willing to call these enforcers out on it.

Exactly. Would have been nice for judges to start doing this 11 years ago, but glad they've come around.

Comment Re:Cheap you say? (Score 1) 209

My machine came with 16GB. A year ago one of the 4GB DIMMs died on me. I pulled it out and chucked it. I was planning on replacing it, but never got around to it.

I occasionally look at my memory usage. with 12GB ram and a 5GB swap, I almost never use more than 4GB of the ram and 3% of swap space.

tl;dr : Memory might be cheap, but we need less than we think we do.

Comment Re:We have to redefine "malicious" (Score 0) 90

"Claiming to âoeprotect your phone from malware and theftâ, this malicious app runs in the background of victimsâ(TM) devices once downloaded and collects their data and location."

If I was that crapware maker, I would feel quite comfortable marketing my app as a "Windows 10 security doubler". After all, if Windows 10 logs your data and sends it to a site on the internet, it must be doubly secure to send the data to a second site.

Submission + - All Malibu Media subpoenas in Eastern District NY put on hold

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: A federal Magistrate Judge in Central Islip, New York, has just placed all Malibu Media subpoenas in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Staten Island on hold indefinitely, due to "serious questions" raised by a motion to quash (PDF) filed in one of them. Judge Steven Locke's 4-page Order and Decision (PDF) cited the defendant's arguments that "(i) the common approach for identifying allegedly infringing BitTorrent users, and thus the Doe Defendant, is inconclusive; (ii) copyright actions, especially those involving the adult film industry, are susceptible to abusive litigation practices; and (iii) Malibu Media in particular has engaged in abusive litigation practices" as being among the reasons for his issuance of the stay.

Comment Re:Lose lose situation... (Score 1) 399

It's hard to imagine how they could refuse him entry.

"Give us your passwords or we won't let you go."

"Am I under arrest?"


"Am I free to go?"


"Do you know what it means to be under arrest?"

"You're not under arrest, you're being detained."

"Oh, I see, a different word is being used. That makes it okay then."

"Why am I being detained?"

"We can't tell you."

"Can I watch while you use my passwords?"


"What if you insert sensitive material on my computer?"


"I don't know, the stuff you're looking for?"


"Can I have a lawyer?"


"I refuse to talk further."

"You must talk, else you'll make it VERY HARD ON YOURSELF."

"Don't I have the right to remain silent or something?"


"Ok, here's my political life on file, feel free to screw it all up. Can I have your name to sue you if you leak sensitive information?"


"It's a good thing you're letting me go after examining my data... my constituents have potholes which need filling!"

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