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Comment: Re:Incorrect summary - not an expose (Score 1) 331

by Xawen (#40906373) Attached to: Wozniak Predicts Horrible Problems With the Cloud

If I hadn't been sitting in a theater when I heard the "lies" I would agree 100%. But this was an entertainment piece designed to bring attention to what he, as an artist, felt was an issue. I had the opportunity to see and evaluate this performance twice in DC, both in the original and modified versions. After the first performance, I actually had to research whether he had gone over there or not. At no point did he state that it was based on actual experience, and due to the semi-abstract presentation I thought it was a total work of fiction.

What I can say, is that the modified version did not significantly differ in the overall tone, look or feel of the show. The Woz Q&A was pretty interesting though.

Comment: Re:Incorrect summary - not an expose (Score 2) 331

by Xawen (#40899075) Attached to: Wozniak Predicts Horrible Problems With the Cloud

Key clarification here. Mike Daisey was not found to have fabricated any issues. The issues he brought up have mostly been revealed to be real.

What he misrepresented was his actual experiences on his trip to the Foxconn and other manufacturing facilities. He included embellishments and some fabricated facts in the original version of his monologue. After the media issues following the NPR broadcast, he modified his monologue to remove the problematic content and discuss his original mistake.

Having been at the show in DC when Woz made these comments about the cloud, I felt that Daisey took ownership of his original mistakes and clarified his theatrical representation of his experiences. There were two entire pages in the playbill discussing it and a 3-4 minute section of the monologue that was directed at it. That's the part most people missed when this originally became an issue...this is a theatrical performance, not a documentary.

Comment: Gotta keep it clean (Score 3, Interesting) 855

by Xawen (#26272857) Attached to: Tales From the Support Crypt

I once had a user call because her computer wouldn't boot. I ended up pulling the hard disk and putting it in another machine so I could recover some of her files. When I looked at it, I noticed a bunch of folders on the root of the disk with three letter names: DLL, EXE, INI, SYS, BAT, etc...

The really impressive part is that she had actually managed to move most of the system into these before hitting the files that were in use.

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