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Comment Re: Game theory (Score 1) 261

Competition doesnt mean that you can exactly copy someone elses designs, just that you can make competing products. You're essentially upset because you can't buy a Lambo from a Kia dealer. You can't but Heroes VI, but there are hundreds of other similiar games to choose from.

Comment Re:Quite so! (Score 1) 401

I graduated with Honors last year, went through a 6-month internship (we're going to hire you on full time and pay you market rate! Honest! It's just this is a bad time right now, we don't have the authorization for more manpower, we'll keep you on as an intern though...) - found another job with that experience easily enough.

Now with only a year's experience, I'm getting headhunter E-mails once or twice a month.

Comment Re:Where to draw the line (Score 1) 451

Interesting historical note; "Just following orders" has totally been an acceptable excuse.

Most people point to the Nuremburg trials when making the comparison, but every single person convicted in those trials was in a position of authority actively giving orders. No-one was even put on trial for being a front-line guard.

The more you know

Comment Re:2 people agreeing is news? (Score 1) 411

Just because some of the people in the neighboring countries are of arabian descent too?

Because the leaders of those neighboring countries publicly declare that the Palestinians are their brothers, and lead their countries to war on the Palestinians behalf. Yes, I know those leaders are hypocritical fucks that are just using the Palestinians as political tools instead of being honestly concerned with their welfare, I'd still rather live somewhere where the leadership is paying lip service to the idea of me being an equal to all the other citizens.

If all the resources that have been spent on attacking Israel were instead spent on providing transportation, housing, and education for Palestinian Refugees, the problem would have been solved by now.

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