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Comment: Re:REJECTED!!! (Score 1) 284

by Xanj (#30544988) Attached to: Girl Gamers More Hardcore Than Guys

Oblig. nitpick: if you dated and married a gamer girl, then you CANNOT say from experience what a non-gamer girl will or won't ever do. You'd have to have dated and married a non-gamer girl (actually, all of them) in order to make that blanket statement. Nitpick denied. I can accurately make that statement without having married one or all girls who are not gamers. As the act of compulsively leveling alts in a MMO is the act of one who belongs to the set of female persons that are labeled a 'Gamer Girls', there exists no such person who can engage in this activity without being a gamer girl. Hence, a girl who does that must be a gamer. QED

denied again i have known many guys( not must myself lol) and girls who have tuns of alts, maybe this just goes along with not actually knowing other people who play? and in eq2 which is what this article was about having tuns of alts is the norm regardless of your gender

Comment: Re:eep (Score 1, Flamebait) 231

by Xanj (#26100373) Attached to: Data Recovered From DVD Leads To Conviction, 24-Year Sentence

Hardware: Recovered Data From a Corrupt DVD Leads To Conviction, 24-Year Sentence

Why did my mind instantly jump to the conclusion that some data recovery tech worker did someone a favor, got sued by the MPAA, and got a 24-year sentence...

maybe cuz 99.9% of computer evidence is total bull

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