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Comment: Re:no more donuts for Gabe... (Score 1) 768

by Xamataca (#41863401) Attached to: Valve: Linux Better Than Windows 8 for Gaming
I too used to think of myself as a windows "power user" till I faced a linux desktop installation and started to use it... :P

Anyway, installing almost any linux flavour today is as easy as windows (disclaimer, I'm not a linux "power user"); granted you'll have to do your research and learn to change the way you used to do things. That's the scary part, you'll have to "work" and "learn" again... :P

I'm still a windows user but I got a swappable disk that I use to boot on kubuntu and do almost anything I can do with windows except playing (and that's because I don't play a lot anymore...); I'm installing kubuntu, Mint and others in friends desktops so they don't spent money on a new system with the latest and bloated hardware/software, and you know what? they have a bloody new working/fast system, they surf the net, do office work, watch movies, record music... as they did with windows... even their kids use linux almost better than I do.

My advise: install any ubuntu flavour and play with it, without trying to do serious work, just for the sake of playing and learn...

+ - Quad-GK104 Graphics Card Coming?->

Submitted by wasimkadak
wasimkadak (1960958) writes "Yes, you read that right. reports, that one of the NVIDIA’s AIB partner has prepared a new graphics card with four Kepler GPUs.

According to the source, one of the manufacturers has demonstrated behind closed doors during Computex, some mysterious card. This particular model would be powered by four GK104 GPUs, which is twice as many as the number of GPUs in GeForce GTX 690. claims that this quad-gpu card would require 600 to 800 Watts. As the source further reports, manufacturer is doing it’s best to keep the Wattage as low as possible. This would obviously require some limitations to the clocks, which were not yet determined.

What do you think, is there a need for such card? If you were a wealthy PC enthusiast, would you buy one?"

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+ - IAEA, Iran begins new nuke talks->

Submitted by
Jetra writes "With the US checking Iraq and Afghanistan, it seems that Iran wants to join the Atomic Age, testing multipoint explosives to detonate a charge. As always, Iran denies such claims. This could either go one of three ways, Nuclear Annihilation, Atomic Power, or a Cold War between Iran and the Middleeast. Isreal warns that it will destroy all silos unless tensions are eased by other countries such as US, UK, Japan, and Russia."
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+ - Photographers, you're being replaced by software->

Submitted by Mrs. Grundy
Mrs. Grundy (680212) writes "CGI software, even open-source software like Blender, continues to improve in quality, speed and easy-of-use. Photographer Mark Meyer wonders how long it will be before large segments of the photography industry are replaced by software and become the latest casualty to fall to outsourcing. Some imagery once the domain of photographers has already moved to CGI. Is any segment of the photography market safe? Will we soon accept digital renderings in places where we used to expect photographs?"
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+ - Is 'Windows' A Liability To Microsoft's Mobile Future?->

Submitted by
snydeq writes "Microsoft's best hope on mobile may be to re-brand Windows, as Microsoft's biggest marketing problem with its smartphones and tablets may be the name 'Windows,' which consumers equate with 'hassles,' writes Woody Leonhard. 'It certainly seems to me that moving the "Windows" brand to smartphones hasn't bought Microsoft one iota of market traction. Quite the opposite. ... The impending mass confusion about Windows RT and Windows 8 won't work in Microsoft's favor, either. In fact, it looks like the "Windows RT" name alone will draw fire and brimstone.'"
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+ - Windows RT Browser Restrictions Draw Antitrust Attention->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Last week we heard complaints from Mozilla that Windows RT would restrict users' choice in web browsers, unfairly favoring Internet Explorer over alternative like Firefox and Chrome. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the situation is now on the Senate Judiciary Committee's radar, and they will look into claims that Microsoft is engaging in anti-competitive behavior. That said, it could be a difficult case to make, since the Windows RT is destined for ARM-based tablets, and Apple currently dominates that market. 'When it comes to proving abuse of monopoly power, an important question is determining the market in which a monopolist has power — the relevant market, in antitrust legal terms. In the DOJ case, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's findings of fact concluded Microsoft had a monopoly in the market for "Intel-compatible PC operating systems." Windows on ARM doesn't run on x86 chips, so by Jackson's standards, Windows RT hasn't been judged to be part of Microsoft's monopoly.' Microsoft addressed some of these issues in a blog post in February."
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+ - Kickstarter leaves project ideas exposed->

Submitted by
netbuzz writes "“Crowd-funding” startup Kickstarter is taking a public-relations hit today after it was reported that some 70,000 not-yet-public project ideas were left exposed on the company’s Web site for more than two weeks. Kickstarter insists that no financial information was compromised and that only a few dozen of the projects were actually accessed. “Obviously our users' data is incredibly important to us,” the company said in a blog post. “Even though limited information was made accessible through this bug, it is completely unacceptable.”"
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