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Comment: Re:Clean It Up Boys (Score 1) 92

by XSEnergy (#43371079) Attached to: WebKit Developers Discuss Removal of Google-Specific Code
That would make sense, but the discussion has now veered off into also removing the ability to plug in components such as your own JavaScript engine, because it is expensive to maintain....if anything the cleanup should go the other way of making it more easy to plug-in different implementations for specific pieces into WebKit. The lesson here should be IMHO, to avoid future forks by making ports less expensive, not use this as an opportunity to cut down on extensibility.

Comment: Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

by mfrank (#29751311) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Hates Star Trek

I took a class in neural networks almost 20 years ago. One project was to get a small network to "learn" how to recugnize handwritten numbers. On a 486/33 running overnight it got to the point where it could recognize a number right over 90% of the time, just with a a few dozen neurons. However, it would probably be impossible to determine *why* that network was able to recognize the numbers.

Consciousness (however you want to define it) is almost certainly an emergent property, and if it can emerge in a toddler it should be able to emerge in a properly designed piece of hardware. And even you can you can do a core dump on that hardware, you'll *never* figure out why it's conscious.

Comment: Nix the window manager and use one hand. (Score 1) 344

by Stebalien (#29751285) Attached to: 10/GUI — an Interface For Multi-Touch Input

1. I hate the window manager; it is an interesting idea but a horrible implementation.
2. Two hands is a problem. Think Twister (the game).

In my opinion, it would be better to keep a normal window manager and have one touch pad on the right (or left) for one hand.


Unambiguous Evidence of Water On the Moon 251

Posted by samzenpus
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Nethemas the Great writes "Information has leaked ahead of the scheduled NASA press conference tomorrow that we have found unambiguous evidence for water on the moon. From the article, 'Since man first touched the moon and brought pieces of it back to Earth, scientists have thought that the lunar surface was bone dry. But new observations from three different spacecraft have put this notion to rest with what has been called "unambiguous evidence" of water across the surface of the moon.'"

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