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Comment: Re:Zillow (Score 1) 32

by XPeter (#44487057) Attached to: Using Zillow's Creative Commons Neighborhood Boundary Data For the U.S.

Well what do you expect? Zillow can't view the interior of the homes they price, so they can only make an assumption based upon market trends and exterior features. How can you expect them to know whether or not you have new stainless steel appliances and mahogany floors versus only plastic stuff and dirty carpet?

Comment: Here comes the anti-gun crowd (Score 1) 2987

by XPeter (#42290057) Attached to: 27 Reported Killed In Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

Seriously, you could "try" and take away all the guns...but if you really wanted one, you could always get one. Same with drugs, the black market is ALWAYS there.

And the libs always tend to forget that guns actually help save lies as well. I was reading an article not too long ago about a single mother who was sleeping with her newborn child, when she heard someone trying to break in. She grabbed her shotgun, and as soon as the two perps walked into the house, she shot them dead. Now if she didn't have her gun, she could've been killed and her baby orphaned.

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