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Comment: Re:I do not know how you can laugh ... (Score 1) 207

America has turned into a police state and you guys are laughing

I, as an American, find it very hard to swallow the hard fact that my country is no longer the Land of the Free nor Home for the Brave

With 850 Billion (and growing) dossiers to search, anyone in any of the so-called law enforcement agencies get to pry open things that they are not supposed to know, maybe even things that have been erroneously included in the dossier ... and you are laughing !!

I have been watching a lot of Continuum lately and that show has been ringing true as of late. This article reminds me of ARC.... except that this probably doesn't work that well.

Comment: Passing Keys (Score 1) 195

by XLT_Frank (#45290317) Attached to: Silent Circle, Lavabit Unite For 'Dark Mail' Encrypted Email Project
When I thought about this problem, if you really want to hide the from/to, you need a third party intermediary. If you want to handle encryption of the subject and message, then a design that leverages P2P would be pretty adequate and acts like a plugin for your favorite mail client. It operates on a two part design, but it is easier to describe from the recipients point of view. When you receive an encrypted message it comes with a key. When you enter the passphrase for that key, it tells you how to retrieve the actual decryption key from the P2P network. The reason is that the key was broken into randomly sized packets, reordered, and dispersed. That key tells you how to retrieve those pieces and how to reorder them. There should be certain amount of overlap in the packets so that if one or two of the packets are missing, the message can still be recovered (this feature would be selectable option per the key that it came with).

Comment: Re: I can't wait to see this battle (Score 1) 716

by XLT_Frank (#43742801) Attached to: Google Demands Microsoft Pull YouTube App For WP8

Normally I'd agree, but in this case it really seems like Microsoft is trying to meet the needs of their customers and Google is not cooperating with them in an attempt to squeeze them out of market share. I'm all for sticking it to M$, but when it hurts the consumer ultimately that really makes Google no better than they are.

I see this as, MS giving Win8 users lots of features against Google's ToS knowing Google will win and MS having to remove those features. This will make Win8 users sad and dislike Google. MS will then launch their own video sharing site and app causing those users to put their loyalty into it and launch the service even faster. Just look at how they spun

Comment: Re:Let's look at this more closely (Score 2) 294

by XLT_Frank (#43336229) Attached to: Judge Rules That Resale of MP3s Violates Copyright Law

Nonsense like this is the inevitable result when trying to apply realworld paradigms to data (falsely referred to as 'digital goods').

If I pay to download a song from iTunes or wherever, in what way is it false to call that a purchase of digital goods? I get to legally listen to the song, the same as if I had bought it on a CD. The physical CD was never what I was buying anyway.

Read your iTunes terms and conditions...

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.