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+ - Is there any public copyright license that enusres access to bulk data download?

Submitted by XARG
XARG writes: I am one of the admins maintaining collaboration based SF books catalog,
something like ISFDB.org but in Russian language, it is called Fantlab.ru.
We have an internal discussion now about which licence do we want to apply to ensure that the database of the website will:
1. Always stay open
2. Never be lost
3. The project can always be resumed forked on another domain in case of some internal disagreements.

We found that only if the website owners will always provide access to bulk download of the database this requirements will be fulfilled. Right now the access is free, but it is impossible to download the full database (it will require download of full website, parsing and reconstraction of the databse links). This is of course not feasible in a periodic way.

To our dissapointment we found no licence (not even CC and GNU that wiki uses) that ensures that access to BULK download of database must be provided in order to obey it. All licences talk about giving free access to data, but not about bulk download or periodic dumps of database.
Did I missed something or is it indeed in the grey area?

Right now there is no licence only short notice that "use of the web materials allowed only with attribution to the source".

Comment: AGE vs SIZE of the unverse (Score 3, Interesting) 196

by XARG (#33971406) Attached to: Record-Breaking Galaxy Found In Deep Hubble Image

I am surprised to see so many comments without even one mentioning the difference between the AGE of the Universe (13.7 billion l.y. ) and the SIZE of the observable universe (radius 47 billion l.y.).

From the Wiki Article:
  The age of the Universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years. While it is commonly understood that nothing travels faster than light, it is a common misconception that the radius of the observable universe must therefore amount to only 13.7 billion light-years. This reasoning makes sense only if the Universe is the flat spacetime of special relativity; in the real Universe, spacetime is highly curved on cosmological scales, which means that 3-space (which is roughly flat) is expanding, as evidenced by Hubble's law. Distances obtained as the speed of light multiplied by a cosmological time interval have no direct physical significance.[11]

So, the light from this Galaxy actually traveled more than 13.7 billion years (I don't know how to make the conversion but probably around 45 billion ?)


Comment: This is just pure lie, see proves below... (Score 5, Informative) 390

by XARG (#33734724) Attached to: Stuxnet Worm Claimed To Be Devastating In Iran

All this quotes are pure lies:
search for "must expel Arabs and take" in

search for "We must use terror, assassination, intimidation"


some arab supported seem to just LOVE using lies as the best weapon.

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