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Comment: Re:Bah, US only... (Score 1) 128

by X3J11 (#43915517) Attached to: Microsoft Attempts to Woo Students With 'Crowdsourced' Laptops

Uhh..why are you booting from USB? There is your problem, Asus boards really don't like booting from USB, if you want to boot from USB a lot an Asrock or gigabyte would have been a better choice.

I have used ASUS boards exclusively for almost a decade, from early Athlons, to an Athlon64, to a Core2 notebook, to both an 1156 and 1155 Core i5, as well as a few replacement boards for dead computers repaired for friends. I have never had an issue booting from USB, ever.

While that's anecdotal evidence, your claim contained no evidence, so I guess my point is... ummm... neener neener?

Seriously, I've never had an issue with ASUS products, except for Steam suddenly (and mysteriously) breaking my ASUS wifi adapter.

Comment: Re:not where from, where to? (Score 1) 523

As an off and on WoW subscriber since shortly after launch, I cancelled my sub again last month. Instead, I've been enjoying some other games as, over the years, I've amassed a respectable library on Steam. Lately it's been SimCity 4 and Sims 3, but before that was Dragon Age Origins. I will get to Bioshock Infinite eventually.

When I need my MMO fix, I play Lord of the Rings Online (the lifetime subscription/VIP status I picked up at launch has more than paid for itself).

My son, who I played WoW with for a few months, bounces back and forth between games like an indecisive hummingbird stuck between multiple feeders full of sugary goodness. I walk by him and he's on Diablo 2 or 3, make a cup of tea and walk by again and it's League of Legends, 20 minutes later it's something else. The only thing that remains constant is that he hasn't shut up since he discovered Skype.

Comment: Re:I'll miss the old school special effects (Score 1) 213

by X3J11 (#43412879) Attached to: Classic BBC Sci-fi Series Blake's 7 To Return On Syfy Channel

The old Doctor Who had the occasional grim-and-gritty (the kind that made Question Time in Parliament complain about it). The new Who is full of "if you hope and feel hard enough, you can overcome alien technology, incomprehensible gods and the laws of physics". Even the last episode was proof enough of that.

You've summarized almost everything I hate about the new Doctor Who, although you missed mentioning the overuse of the Sonic Screwdriver as a solution for everything. While I do enjoy the new Doctor Who, I have nowhere near the love for it that I did for the classic series. It's unfortunate, but the new Who is science-fantasy, rather than science-fiction.

Comment: Tiresome PC Bullspit (Score 3, Insightful) 1145

by X3J11 (#43240997) Attached to: SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes

Anyone else remember when people had thick enough skins they could just roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and not give a crap about what other people were doing or saying (provided no one's really getting hurt)?

I am tired of everyone feeling so entitled - the whole world has to conform to their ideals, and if it doesn't then by Gawd they're going to bitch, complain, threaten legal action, and sue until they get what they want.

Shit like this just pisses me off no end and makes me pine for the days when the Internet was an exclusive club for us nerds (and perverts).

Comment: Re:intelligent design? (Score 1) 111

by X3J11 (#42551173) Attached to: Fireflies Bring Us Brighter LEDs

Today the evidence for Jesus can be seen in people. In lives changed from being ruined to being fixed, in people serving meals at soup kitchens, in caring for others and in answered prayers of Christians.

That's not got much to do with Jesus from what I see. That's people doing things.

Where's Jesus during the rampant abductions, murders and rapes that are going on every day?

Comment: Re:Not Windows 7 compatible (Score 1) 107

by X3J11 (#42499977) Attached to: Info On Intel Bay Trail 22nm Atom Platform Shows Out-of-Order Design

Is this a joke, FUD, or idiocy?

A little of each, methinks.

I perused the NeoWin "article" linked elsewhere, and followed a few other links. It appears the problem is not (specifically) with the chip; rather it appears the driver for the integrated graphics is crap and doesn't like running Metro apps, at least that's what folks on the Intel support forum are complaining about.

Comment: Re:Google are NOT doing the same (Score 1) 476

by X3J11 (#42463031) Attached to: Microsoft Says Google Trying To Undermine Windows Phone

IMHO, it's just incompetence. They just don't seem to be able to do *anything* these days. I remember the Microsoft whose products could be guaranteed to be technically excellent , and I look at the modern day Microsoft with despair.

I read that with snarky emphasis on the word technically, because I do not remember a time when Microsoft's products could be referred to as excellent.

Well, technically it's excellent, but...

Comment: Re:I read: AMD updates video driver (Score 1) 105

by X3J11 (#42459405) Attached to: AMD Tweaking Radeon Drivers To Reduce Frame Latency Spikes

Clearly you are unaware of Nvidia fiasco and following litigation. It wasnt "share of the units". It was Majority of them. Basically finding a working laptop with nv8xxx/9xxx GPU is considered lucky (they ALL die sooner or later, ticking bombs), and there are companies doing nothing else but fixing them.

I have an ASUS F8Sn-B1, from 2008, with a 9500M GS that still works fine. It saw moderate use playing World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online for three years. I've never considered myself lucky, but I have been careful to ensure there was proper airflow. It still works, runs Linux Mint and (occasionally) Windows 7, and is mostly used for web browsing and simple stuff now.

TL;DR mine still works, 5 years later.

Comment: VirtualBox (Score 2) 361

by X3J11 (#41937493) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which Virtual Machine Software For a Beginner?

I too recommend VirtualBox. I use it on my desktop Win 7 machine as well as my four year old notebook running Linux Mint. The fact that it's more-or-less free, and essentially identical on both platforms is a definite advantage. Thus far I've used it to play with various LInux distributions and FreeDOS/MS-DOS. I've even been messing with Windows 98 SE and OS/2 Warp lately, although they required a bit of head scratching to get running.

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