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Comment: Re: Seriously? (Score 1) 109

Must be nice. I have the same in both eyes, and the lenses would never sit still. Tilt my head for any reason, they would spin to align with gravity, making things worse. If I blinked, they would shift and take a (short, but noticeable) moment to move back. Looking near the extremes of my eyes would shift them (presumably pressure from my eyelids) also making things worse.

Basically they worked great for looking straight ahead with a perfectly level head. Anything else and they would make my vision worse.

Comment: Re:Reality not sufficient, (Score 1) 109

Interesting... I'd like to pick your brain as I have astygmatism myself and am considering asking about laser correction.

Did you ever find the degree of... well, vision inaccuracy to fluctuate day to day? Some days one eye is worse off than another, some days all is better than normal. The glasses still help when it's all wierd, but not as much (which tells me the angle is the same but the degree is worse).

I'm afraid that if I get it corrected, the stable state won't be what is corrected for.

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by X0563511 (#47602685) Attached to: Planes Can Be Hacked Via Inflight Wi-fi, Says Researcher

The plane has a data connection. You get access to a data connection via the on-board wifi.

You don't see a connection between the two? Let me fill it in for you: they share the same path outside the plane.

Note that this data connection isn't required for the plane to continue flying, but I don't know how it's used by in-cockpit warning or navigational stuff.

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It would be interesting to compare two large files of raster image data that happen to have a sha256 collision or the like. Given the additional constraints on the data format, that may not actually be possible (you could have collisions theoretically, but what are the chances of the data resulting in the collision being a valid image file?)

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