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Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 5, Informative) 446 446

Heard on NPR this morning that they think it's an inside job, and has all the hallmarks of it being so.

Apparently someone got tired of the all unethical behavior. Something about an account being free to create, but $20 to delete (and then not really being removed, or something like that)

Comment Re:Tidal? (Score 1) 574 574

If I had anything that could reliably produce a sweep up there, I'd work on creating a graph for you. Sadly, I don't :|

Not bad for a cheap recorder, though. Even the battery life is nice. The -only- problem I have with it is the chassis is 'noisy' - I have a bit of paper towel wedged between the battery and the battery access panel, to keep it from rattling. If you're not handling it actively, it's quiet.

Comment Re:Quothe the raven, "Forevermore". (Score 2) 205 205

I think eventually, yes. Just as we are not able to sense the vast majority of EM radiation, we mapped the spectrum and can sense most of it - and all we started with was detection of radiative heat and visual light.

I do think it would have taken much longer to arrive at the understandings we currently hold, but I don't think being able to see visible light was critical to arrive where we are. We would come up with ways to communicate and think about information with the senses we had.

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