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Comment: Re:plastic's old and busted, hot metal is new hotn (Score 1) 230

by X0563511 (#49243505) Attached to: Man 3D Prints a Working 5-Speed Transmission For Toyota Engines

It's not that simple...

The metal contracts as it cools. You have to scale up the model to compensate, and that takes knowledge you don't generally get without working with casting a LOT.

To make things interesting, the amount of scaling that's required changes based on the metal/alloy being used, and the -shape- of the object at that given area.

Comment: Re:Even worse - extensions == "chmod +x" ?!? (Score 1) 564

by X0563511 (#49178803) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

Keep in mind a file with 755 will be examined and run based on the magic number at the front of the file.

Even shell scripts. #! is actually a 16-bit magic number, that also happens to be a comment in almost every scripting language.

Go ahead - chmod +x a random non-executable file and try to run it. You'll probably get something enligthening: "invalid file (bad magic number): Exec format error"

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