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Comment: Re:Just say block (Score 1) 182

by X0563511 (#47954537) Attached to: Google's Doubleclick Ad Servers Exposed Millions of Computers To Malware

You should get an ICMPv4 response with a type value of 3, and code value of 3.

RST happens when something borks up in an existing session, not in response to a SYN. (exception: when firewalls/NAT gateways are configured to reply with an RST, instead of dropping or ICMP).

Don't you kids know anything?

Comment: Re:And the speculation was completely off (Score 2) 186

The fact that to deliver the same development and certification process costs $1.6 billion less for SpaceX over Boeing is also interesting.

We won't really know this is true until it happens. I have high hopes for SpaceX - specifically I hope they can do much more with less. Either way though, this is a big win for everyone!

Comment: Re:911 was down for us Friday night (Score 1) 609

I'm not sure why this is really an argument to be getting into. I'm going to throw the blame on Apple for this one for not using a dedicated swap partition.

It's hard to use up too much space for swap to work, when the space set aside for swap is literally impossible to use for other purposes.

Comment: Re:911 was down for us Friday night (Score 1) 609

The point is that you're dangerously toeing the line. Running out of disk space doesn't cause very graceful failures. Even a 5% "buffer" of free space is enough. I realize these are client machines and not servers, but still. You don't need pagerduty or whatever waking your ass up to deal with it, but you should be dealing with it instead of believing it to be a non-problem.

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by X0563511 (#47903667) Attached to: KDevelop 4.7.0 Released

Apparently you missed 95% of my sentence. Here it is, again.

I'm hopeful the next era you let us turn off that fucking cashew without jumping through 30 flaming hoops.

without jumping through 30 flaming hoops.

If they had put a checkbox somewhere to tell the whole workspaces thing to fuck off and be a normal desktop, I wouldn't have had an issue with it.

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