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Comment: Re:Even worse - extensions == "chmod +x" ?!? (Score 1) 561

by X0563511 (#49178803) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

Keep in mind a file with 755 will be examined and run based on the magic number at the front of the file.

Even shell scripts. #! is actually a 16-bit magic number, that also happens to be a comment in almost every scripting language.

Go ahead - chmod +x a random non-executable file and try to run it. You'll probably get something enligthening: "invalid file (bad magic number): Exec format error"

Comment: Re:Snake oil (Score 1) 213

by X0563511 (#49102061) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

I've heard this too, though on mine it was only audible when amplified to absurd levels (well, relatively).

Have you ever had a computer that made odd sounds though the speakers when you move the mouse cursor? In my case, it was a very similar sound. Again, quiet - but if you have it loud enough or it's otherwise quiet enough, you can hear it.

I believe this was a Sansa e200r. It didn't have an SD card, but flash memory - in either case still a lot of digital signaling.

Comment: Re:That's unpossible. (Score 1) 212

by X0563511 (#49101977) Attached to: The Best, and Worst, Places To Drive Your Electric Car

That's less for comfort and more for not breaking the engine. Generators tend to have a coolant heater as well.

If the coolant system is frozen, it doesn't work, and the "ambient" heat transfer from the engine to the auxiliary equipment isn't fast enough. The engine will damage itself before the coolant system is thawed enough to begin functioning.

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