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Comment: Re:Actually they're saying they are going to watch (Score 1) 361

This is why a lot of political groups in the US are being labeled as extremists. Because there are some people in those groups that do crazy stuff like make bombs. Practically none of them do that but one out of a million does... and they need to watch for that.

There are some Americans that make bombs.

Better watch all of them. Just in case.

Comment: Re:Well, of course (Score 1) 361

Oh, irony.

See, a rational person would have looked at what's going and concluded that the NSA's position is "of course you're more likely to be an extremist" rather than "of course you must be an extremist". But self-styled "free-thinkers" such as yourself always seem to tend toward these extreme, paranoid views that barely resemble the actual situation. It's almost as if you tended towards extremism or something.

Kiddo, the "you're a conspiracy theorist" line doesn't work anymore.

You should really try something new.

Comment: Re:USA, the land of freedom (Score 1) 304

by X.25 (#47054281) Attached to: Why Lavabit Shut Down

Not really. The US is not particularly dependent on foreign trade. Sure there would be some dislocations but it would likely remain a superpower.

I don't think you understand where those 17 trillion are coming from and how that game works.

I am not sure if you are a product of wishful thinking or you people seriously believe in what you say.

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The law in Belgium states that it is illegal to hold public protests without authorisation from the municipality.

I guess introducing a law that requires citizens to jump off the bridges would sort that all out.

After all, laws should not be questioned or disobeyed. Ever. Because they are there to protect you.

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by X.25 (#46988145) Attached to: New Zealand Spy Agency To Vet Network Builds, Provider Staff

As with the United States and Australia, the people of New Zealand (and other democracies and democratic republics) elect their government and thus have control over their politics.

One must assume that in all of these places, the majority agree with these policies.

Shocking? To me, but apparently, I'm not in the majority.

It is amazing how often idiots push this same line, without realizing a pretty major and catastrphic flaw.

But carry on, though.

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