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Comment: Re:behavioral problems have virtually disappeared (Score 0) 241

by X'16435934 (#31132282) Attached to: The Wi-Fi On the Bus
Hey, thanks. I'd mod you up if I had the points.
But I don't. FU, slashdot modjerks.

I also (probably) have Asperger's. Alas, self-diagnosed. My being close to age 70, it's not worth my while to consult a psychologist.
But you are RIGHT ON about beating children and dogs. (and cats, or ANY sentient creature)
When my youngest child (a boy) would go into a rage, so would I.
(Due to my lifelong depression. (It's OK, I'm on SSRIs now..And wine. LOL!)
And I would spank the li'l bastard. Let us say that neither of us came out of this satisfied or more enlightened.
I just hope he treats his kids (if he ever has any) better than I treated him.

Bertrand Russel once remarked upon the old rhyme:
"A woman, a dog and a Walnut tree -
The more you beat them the better they be."
Russel (100 years ago) said that he he didn't know the effects of beatings
on Walnut trees, but it most certainly DID NOT work with women or dogs.

Or, of course, children. Or for that matter, adult males....
Now where were we..? ah yes- wifi on buses... Oh! geez... forgot the thread here... ;-)

Comment: Re:Israeli Scientists (Score 0) 165

by X'16435934 (#31050628) Attached to: Israeli Scientists Freeze Water By Warming It
Yes! YES! I knew it!

Not only are they using christian babies' blood to freeze this water, but those damn Elders of Zion are now plotting to spray the stuff on nearby Palestinian Arabs, thus rendering them infertile and seize more of their land!
Oh the humanity! ... Where are the Norwegians when we need them?

Comment: Re:I could be stupid about "pure" water (Score 0) 165

by X'16435934 (#31050564) Attached to: Israeli Scientists Freeze Water By Warming It

it was tap water. How on Earth it did not crystallize on its own is a complete mystery. It's not like it was pure by any definition of the word.

OMG... Are these "bottled water" acolytes still running around?
Why should tap water (from a large municipality, or even a well managed smaller one) not be pure?
OK so it has some chlorine ions in it. So?
This is not particulate matter, such as you might find in a stream or in a well.
Grrrr.... you brainwashed plastic bottle people are what's wrong with this society...

Q: How many IBM CPU's does it take to execute a job? A: Four; three to hold it down, and one to rip its head off.